Follow the links on this page to find bios and interviews with the first group of Abreu Fellows, who completed the program in 2010, and to connect to their blogs.

Berkowitz thumbnailDaniel Berkowitz
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"From a very early age, this type of education provides a skill set far beyond the discipline of music."  In January 2010, became Manager of Youth Orchestra Los Angeles (YOLA).
Read Daniel Berkowitz's blog.


Jonathan Govias thumbnailJonathan Govias
Montreal, Quebec
"All the arts demand creativity and discipline, but music is uniquely and inherently a social activity, a live communication and interaction between equals."
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Lorrie Heagy thumbnailLorrie Heagy
Juneau, Alaska
"El Sistema's success relies on the intensity of its directors, the power of group experience and peer mentorship, and participation at an early age, when life is consumed by music!"
Read Lorrie Heagy's blog.


Rebecca Levi thumbnailRebecca Levi
New York, New York
"I read about the Abreu Fellows program in the 'Friends of El Sistema' Facebook group!"
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David Malek thumbnailDavid Malek
San Antonio, Texas
"Music gives the child a creative language that will allow him to connect the dots in life and therefore create a life of meaning."



Dantes Rameau thumbnailDantes Rameau
Ottawa, Canada
"I read about Gustavo Dudamel and since then I’ve come to learn that wherever Dudamel is, El Sistema is not far behind."
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Alvaro Rodas thumbnailÁlvaro Rodas
Guatemala City, Guatemala
"I want to start a 'nucleo' to serve Hispanic children, especially Central Americans living in New York City. I want to help and mentor new programs worldwide."
Read Álvaro Rodas's blog.


Stanford ThompsonStanford Thompson
Decatur, Georgia
"I have found a greater reward in using my musical talents for the benefit of education and serving communities than I have performing in the world's best concert halls."
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Christine Witkowski thumbnailChristine Witkowski
Detroit, Michigan
"As a dyslexic kid, I was constantly behind in school because I didn’t learn the way classes were taught. However, when I started band, I discovered I could process music my own way and still excel."
Read Christine Witkowski's blog.


Kathryn Wyatt thumbnailKathryn Wyatt
Durham, North Carolina
"Through providing a shared arena of communication for people of all languages, cultures and colors, music could create a premise for empathy."
Read Kathryn Wyatt's blog.

Read Kathryn Wyatt in Symphony Magazine.