New England Conservatory's Intercultural Institute schedules visits by world music practitioners. These offerings deliver culturally definitive music techniques, genres, and instruments played by musicians who have spent their lives understanding and mastering their specific arts. These programs are typically lecture demonstrations intended to expose audiences to the sounds of other worlds while providing an in-depth and expert analysis of the cultural, pedagogical, and musical nuances characteristic of the vast range of cultures and traditions being explored.

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Upcoming events

2016-04-12 "Old Rome and Its Suburbs" series: Ottoman Jewish Music

Past events

2015-09-16 Ahenema Cultural Group
2015-10-05 Music of Zimbabwe
2015-10-06 Music of Zimbabwe
2015-10-07 Origo Ensemble
2015-10-21 Music of Turkey
2015-10-22 Solas masterclass
2015-11-16 Music of Greece (Epiros)
2015-11-18 "Old Rome and Its Suburbs" series: Medieval Chant
2015-11-20 Dünya Ensemble
2015-12-09 Contemporary Improvisation Salon Night
2015-12-14 Contemporary Improvisation Salon Night
2016-03-07 Anchiskati Church Choir: Revival of Georgian Polyphonic Singing
2016-03-07 Village Music of Hungary in First Monday at Jordan Hall
2016-03-08 Village Music of Hungary workshop
2016-03-15 "Old Rome and Its Suburbs" series: Greek Orthodox & Turkish Music
2016-03-17 Classical Music of Korea