Wind and brass ensembles have roots in ceremonial music of long-ago times, but have also proven irresistible to firebrand composers of today.

The repertoire for percussion ensemble is primarily contemporary, and fills the hall with the sounds of instruments that are not found in most households, from marimbas to kettle drums.

NEC's wind ensemble concerts begin at 7pm in order to welcome families, the after-work crowd, people with trains to catch, and anyone else who will be delighted by five centuries of spectacular music—but who can't stay up late.

New England Conservatory will host the Eastern Division Conference of the College Band Directors National Association, which runs from March 6 to 8. The conference centers on the theme of "Crossing Over" and features the many different kinds of music we now perform, influenced by jazz, world, ethnic, techno, pop, fusion—it runs the gamut.

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Upcoming performances


Past performances

2013-09-08 Pappoutsakis Masterclasses
2013-09-08 Pappoutsakis Flute Competition Winner
2013-09-11 Toby Oft
2013-09-25 Noah Preminger masterclass
2013-10-01 Jeff Nelsen horn masterclass
2013-10-01 John Heiss flute masterclass
2013-10-10 NEC Wind Ensemble + Peltz
2013-10-12 new works by NEC student composer
2013-10-15 Agócs, Balch, Heiss, Mallia, Minakakis
2013-10-16 Séjourné: Concerto for Marimba and String Orchestra
2013-10-17 Berio + Nancarrow
2013-10-19 Brass Seminar: Calculated laziness..
2013-10 20 Prep Brassfest: Faculty Brass Quartet
2013-10-22 NEC Symphonic Winds + Drury
2013-10-23 Russell DeVuyst trumpet masterclass
2013-10-24 Turnage: Two Memorials
2013-10-27 Heiss: Inventions, Contours and Colors
2013-10-28 Heiss + Ligeti
2013-10-29 Schuller: Marimbology
2013-11-03 Prep Brassfest: Trumpets!
2013-11-03 Joseph Robinson oboe masterclass
2013-11-04 Poulenc: Sextet for Piano and Wind Quintet
2013-11-05 Geoffrey Landman
2013-11-05 John Heiss flute masterclass
2013-11-09 Brass Seminar: New routes for old ruts
2013-11-10 Benjamin Kamins bassoon masterclass
2013-11-12 NEC Wind Ensemble + Peltz
2013-11-14 NEC Percussion Ensemble at MFA
2013-11-15 Scott Bean
2013-11-17 Prep Brassfest: Euphonium + Tuba
2013-11-19 NEC Symphonic Winds + Drury
2013-11-21 Varese: Octandre, Density 21.5
2013-11-24 NEC Percussion Ensemble + Epstein
2013-11-25 Gergely Ittzes flute masterclass
2013-11-25 Stephen Lange + Jason Snider
2013-12-03 John Heiss flute masterclass
2013-12-03 Telemann, Francaix, Webern
2013-12-04 Symphonic Winds + Chamber Singers
2013-12-05 Debussy: Sonata for Flute, Viola, and Harp
2013-12-08 Piazzolla: Histoire du Tango for Guitar and Flute
2013-12-08 Junior Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble + Samour
2013-12-10 NEC Wind Ensemble + student conductors
2013-12-10 Stravinsky: Pulcinella Suite for Saxophone Sextet
2013-12-12 Khachaturian: Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano
2013-12-12 Brahms: Horn Trio
2013-12-15 Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble + Mucci
2013-12-16 Youth Brass Ensemble
2014-01-28 Britten, Berio, Heiss
2014-01-28 New music for brass quartet and saxophone quartet
2014-02-03 Christopher Krueger flute masterclass
2014-02-04 Davidson: Chester
2014-02-06 Maslanka: Woodwind Quintet
2014-02-09 Prep Brassfest: French Horn
2014-02-13 NEC Wind Ensemble + Peltz CANCELED
2014-02-17 Kenneth Radnofsky
2014-02-21 U.S. Coast Guard Woodwind Quintet masterclass
2014-02-22 Brass Seminar: Using Acting Methods
2014-02-23 Mendelssohn: Scherzo for flute quartet
2014-02-25 NEC Symphonic Winds + Drury
2014-03-01 Brass Seminar: How Do I Learn This NOW?
2014-03-04 John Heiss flute masterclass
2014-03-06 CBDNA: Open Dress Rehearsal
2014-03-06 CBDNA: UMass Amherst Symphony Band
2014-03-06 CBDNA: Michael Burritt masterclass
2014-03-06 NEC Wind Ensembles + Peltz + Drury
2014-03-07 CBDNA: What Makes it Ethnic?
2014-03-07 CBDNA: O Pioneers! Panel with Gunther Schuller + David Amram
2014-03-07 CBDNA: Sounds Spontaneous
2014-03-07 CBDNA: Gotham Wind Symphony
2014-03-07 CBDNA: What Hath George Wrought?
2014-03-07 CBDNA: Hartt, The College of New Jersey ensembles
2014-03-08 CBDNA: Sounds as Written
2014-03-08 CBDNA: Blow, Gabriel, Blow
2014-03-08 CBDNA: Tango!
2014-03-08 CBDNA: Temple, Westchester University Wind Ensembles
2014-03-10 Zorn: Angelus Novus
2014-03-24 Catherine Karoly flute masterclass
2014-03-28 Gan Lev saxophone masterclass
2014-03-29 Brass Seminar: Natural is Good. Natural Works.
2014-03-30 Prep Brass Fest
2014-03-30 Dale Clevenger masterclass
2014-03-30 Brass Bash
2014-04-01 John Heiss flute masterclass
2014-04-03 Rands + Dallapiccola
2014-04-06 Prep Brassfest: Trombones
2014-04-06 NEC Percussion Ensemble + Epstein
2014-04-07 Brahms: Clarinet Quintet op. 115
2014-04-13 Yehuda Gilad masterclass
2014-04-14 Susan Milan flute masterclass
2014-04-15 NEC Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Winds
2014-04-18 Uebayashi: Sonata for Flute and Piano
2014-04-22 Bending Brass: Microtonal Music for Brass Instruments
2014-04-26 Amanda Stewart trombone masterclass
2014-05-07 Bozza: Brass Quartet
2014-05-08 Fracas
2014-05-13 Philharmonic Five
2014-05-19 Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble + Mucci
Youth Brass Ensemble
Junior Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble + Samour
Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble + Mucci

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