Charles Peltz"The best game in Boston is the matching one I get to play every year: to put together the best young wind, brass, and percussion students in the country with the limitless catalogue of music from the Baroque to the freshest ink. No pieces too complex, no demands too great, all students able. It's really a very NEC thing—no limits. Let the games begin."
Charles Peltz

NEC's wind ensemble concerts begin at 7:30pm in order to welcome families, the after-work crowd, people with trains to catch, and anyone else who will be delighted by five centuries of spectacular music—but who can't stay up late.

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Upcoming performances

2015-09-27 Boston Double Reed Day
2015-10-13 NEC Wind Ensemble + Peltz
2015-10-22 Paula Robinson
2015-10-27 NEC Symphonic Winds + Drury, Wu
2015-11-10 NEC Wind Ensemble + Peltz
2015-11-15 NEC Percussion Ensemble + Epstein
2015-11-17 NEC Symphonic Winds + Drury
2015-12-02 NEC Symphonic Winds
2015-02-15 NEC Symphonic Winds
2016-02-11 NEC Wind Ensemble + Peltz
2016-02-23 NEC Symphonic Winds + Drury
2016-02-24 Honegger: Symphony no 2 for Trumpet and Strings
2016-04-10 NEC Percussion Ensemble + Epstein
2016-04-12 NEC Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Winds and Chamber Singers

Past performances

2014-09-07 Pappoutsakis masterclasses
2014-09-07 Adrian Sanborn
2014-09-10 Open For'm: Winds
2014-09-16 Brooke Sofferman
2014-09-19 Jason Palmer masterclass
2014-09-22 Callithumpian Consort
2014-09-24 Claudia Quintet masterclass
2014-09-25 Works of Lee Hyla
2014-10-05 Boston Woodwind Society Double Reed Day
2014-10-05 Prep Brassfest: Trumpet
2014-10-06 Barber + Handel
2014-10-07 John Heiss flute masterclass
2014-10-14 NEC Wind Ensemble + Peltz, Yu
2014-10-20 Hai-Dao Ensemble
2014-10-21 Symphonic Winds + Drury, Kondacki
2014-10-27 Wyner, Heiss, Gubaidulina, Higdon
2014-10-28 Benjamin Wright
2014-10-30 McMullin: Southwesterly
2015-11-04 John Heiss flute masterclass
2014-11-05 Kirchner: Music for Flute and Orchestra
2014-11-11 NEC Wind Ensemble + Peltz, Tse
2014-11-13 Brett Dean: Demons
2014-11-15 Prep Brassfest: Trombone
2014-11-17 Nicole Cash horn masterclass
2014-11-18 NEC Symphonic Winds + Drury
2014-11-19 Mozart: Divertimento in D Major for Oboe, two horns and strings
2014-11-23 NEC Percussion Ensemble + Epstein
2014-12-01 Debussy: Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp
2014-12-03 Schubert: Octet in F Major for Winds and Strings
2014-12-04 Brahms: Horn Trio
2014-12-09 NEC Wind Ensemble, student conductors
2014-12-14 Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble +  Mucci
2014-12-15 Junior MYWE + Samour
2014-12-16 Preparatory School Brass Ensembles
2015-01-25 Chaminade: Concertino for Flute Op. 107
2015-02-05 Wyner, Jolivet, Rossini
2015-02-07 Prep Brassfest: French Horn
2015-02-12 NEC Wind Ensemble + Peltz, Kondacki
2015-02-22 Norman Bolter
2015-02-23 Berio: Sequenze
2015-02-23 Adès, Ligeti, Peytoni
2015-02-24 NEC Symphonic Winds + Drury, Tse, Yang
2015-02-25 Mozart: Concerto for Oboe in C Major
2015-03-02 Douglas Yeo Trombone masterclass
2015-03-15 Junior/Senior Massachusetts Wind Ensembles
2015-03-27 Robert Tucci tuba masterclass
2015-03-28 Roger Bobo tuba masterclass
2015-03-29 Brass Bash tuba panel + masterclass
2015-03-29 Brass Bash: Tuba Focus
2015-04-07 NEC Percussion Ensemble + Epstein + Robison
2015-04-14 NEC Wind Ensemble 
2015-05-10 Youth Brass Ensembles
2015-05-17 Masachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble + Mucci
2015-06-01 Junior MYWE + Samour

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