Charles Peltz"The best game in Boston is the matching one I get to play every year: to put together the best young wind, brass, and percussion students in the country with the limitless catalogue of music from the Baroque to the freshest ink. No pieces too complex, no demands too great, all students able. It's really a very NEC thing—no limits. Let the games begin."
Charles Peltz

NEC's wind ensemble concerts begin at 7:30pm in order to welcome families, the after-work crowd, people with trains to catch, and anyone else who will be delighted by five centuries of spectacular music—but who can't stay up late.

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Upcoming performances

2016-06-19 SICPP: Opening Concert
2016-06-20 SICPP: Reich + Cage
2016-06-21 SICPP: Vines + Harvey
2016-06-23 SICPP: Stockhausen, Lillios, Globokar
2016-06-24 SICPP: Globokar, Smith, Vines

Past performances

2015-09-27 Boston Double Reed Day
2015-09-28 Cage, Crumb, Druckman, Zorn
2015-10-13 NEC Wind Ensemble + Peltz
2015-10-22 Paula Robinson
2015-10-27 NEC Symphonic Winds + Drury, Wu
2015-11-10 NEC Wind Ensemble + Peltz
2015-11-15 NEC Percussion Ensemble + Epstein
2015-11-17 NEC Symphonic Winds + Drury
2015-12-02 NEC Symphonic Winds
2015-12-15 NEC Symphonic Winds
2015-12-17 NEC Wind Ensembles
2016-01-27 Bedrossian: Transmission
2016-02-03 Debussy: Premiere Rhapsodie for Clarinet and Orchestra
2016-02-06 Prep Brass Seminar
2016-02-11 NEC Wind Ensemble + Peltz
2016-02-15 Kenneth Radnofsky
2016-02-17 Jordan Wind Quintet at Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
2016-02-18 Reynolds + Miller
2016-02-20 Prep Horn Fest
2016-02-20 Prep Trumpet Fest
2016-02-22 Fine: Partita for Wind Quintet
2016-02-23 NEC Symphonic Winds + Drury
2016-02-24 Honegger: Symphony no 2 for Trumpet and Strings
2016-02-29 Aldo Abreu
2016-02-29 Miljovic: Drop, version ii
2016-03-02 Felipe Salles masterclass
2016-03-03 NEC at the BPL
2016-03-05 Prep Brass Workshop
2016-03-05 Prep Trombone Fest
2016-03-08 Brahms: Sonata for Clarinet and Piano No. 1 in F Minor
2016-03-13 Muczynski: Time Pieces for Clarinet and Piano
2016-03-26 Prep Brass Workshop
2016-04-04 Beethoven + Schubert 2016-04-09 Prep Brass Seminar
2016-04-10 NEC Percussion Ensemble + Epstein
2016-04-12 NEC Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Winds and Chamber Singers
2016-04-14 Reich: Double Sextet
2016-04-17 Jordan Wind Quintet
2016-04-20 Agócs, Crumb, Schoenberg, Swire
2016-04-21 Musical Storytelling at Malden Public Library: Bassoon
2016-04-21 Schulhoff, Stravinsky, Gaubert
2016-04-24 Loeffler + Haydn
2016-04-24 CPP Winds play Peter and the Wolf
2016-04-24 Bartok: Contrasts for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano
2016-04-25 Mozart, Reinecke
2016-04-25 Beethoven: Serenade for Flute, Violin and Viola
2016-04-26 Hindemith + Bach
2016-04-28 CPP Brass Quintet @ BPL
2016-05-01 Andrew Steinberg
2016-05-02 Takemitsu, Reich
2016-05-03 Heiss, Sampson
2016-05-04 Chamber Music gala
2016-05-05 Reinecke: Sonata for Flute and Piano
2016-05-08 Brahms: Sonata for Clarinet and Piano
2016-05-08 Massachusetts Youth wind Ensemble
2016-05-18 Debussy + Previn


Wind, brass & percussion ensembles at NEC