Student Employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis. Suggested rates of pay for on-campus employment vary from $10.00 (Massachusetts’ minimum wage) to $18.00 per hour, depending on the job requirements, the duration of employment, and job performance. Some jobs pay at higher rates.

To receive compensation for employment, each student must file a time sheet every two weeks, following the schedule at the bottom of this page. Every department should have an ample supply of blank time sheets on hand; time sheets are also available in the Financial Aid Office.

Complete your time sheet at the end of each shift. Using ink, fill in the hours worked on a given day, rounding off odd minutes to the nearest quarter-hour. To ensure prompt payment, please note the following:

  • Time sheets must be filled out completely, including department name and number, pay period end date, pay rate, and total hours worked.
  • Time sheets received incomplete, in pencil, or missing either of the required signatures can not be processed.
  • Late time sheets will be processed in the next student payroll. 

Students and supervisors must turn in timesheets regularly (every two weeks). It is against the law to hold timesheets until the end of the semester.

All NEC students are required to sign up for direct deposit, which enables funds earned through student employment to be disbursed directly to their personal checking or savings accounts.

NEC's Student Employment Handbook and Pay Calendar are distributed annually and are also available to all ADP users/supervisors on