The Tourjée Society, named after New England Conservatory’s founder Eben Tourjée, honors over 250 alumni and friends whose current and future generosity demonstrates a deep commitment to the Conservatory and desire to leave a permanent legacy, such as a bequest, Charitable Gift Annuity, or IRS Designation. Tourjée Society members enjoy exclusive NEC events.

By including a charitable gift to New England Conservatory in your financial planning, you can help perpetuate the tradition of excellence in the 21st century. To learn more about leaving your legacy and becoming part of the Tourjée Society, please e-mail Julia Olsonor call 617-585-1185.

The Conservatory expresses its deep appreciation to the following Tourjée Society members:

14 Anonymous
Patricia Adams
Virgil Aiello
Denise Bacon
Allison T. Ball '79
Frank Barringer
John & Molly Beard
Richard Benefield '95
George Benois '51
Elisa M. Birdseye '86
Timothy V. Blair and Sally Coveleskie
Kathleen I. Schuller-Bleakie & Maxwell Bleakie
Claude W. Brenner
Jean Taylor Burgdorff
Margaret K. Burt '69 and Charles K. Burt
Catherine Nadon-Carignan '62, '66
Oliver Chamberain '59, '64 and Kathryn E. Chamberlain
Rosalind Y. Chua '65, '67 and Jane Stuber
Adelaide MacMurray-Cooper
Florence Coslow
Deanna Dalrymple '73, '75 and Rockland Osgood '83
Rafael de Acha '72 & Kimberly de Acha '72
Phyllis C. &  Paul A. de Napoli
Eleanor I. Dell '45
Alberta Fox Dodson '64 & Robert K. Dodson '62
Alys R. and Norman Dorian
Barbara Due
Florence A. Dunn '50, '71
William R. & Deborah Bennett Elfers '82
Paula K. Elliott and Thomas C. Elliott
Frank B. Epstein '69 and Mary A. Epstein
Alan P. Ett '78 and Sheila M. Hall
David H. Evans
Ms. Marilyn Evans
Robert H. Farrell '72 and Kelly Powell
William Faucon
Mr. and Mrs. Albert V. Ferguson
Leon 'Diego' Fernandez
Gertrude Hill Ffolliott
Stephen J. Fitzsimmons
Elaine Foster
Lawrence J. Fried '75
J. Stephen Friedlaender
Olga and Bill Frusztajer
Dorothy J. Ganick
Mr. & Mrs. David Gaylin '76
Angela Gazza
John Geller '65
Loretta Giles
Dr. Robert H. Goepfert
Jeffrey S. Golden '74
Mrs. Margaret Luttrell Goodman
Edwin D. Graves, Jr. '87 &  Paul M. Carter
Jeanne B. Grealish '59, '61
Christian G. Halby
Helen Hagopian
Deborah H. Hamilton '73
Ruth E. Harcovitz '72
Harper Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel L. Hayes III
Eloise and Arthur Hodges
Mrs. Marion L. Hollinger
Ms. Jeonghee Hong  '01 and Mr. Sang Lee
Yan Hongmei and Tin Chun Chen
Alfred Hoose '52
Leo F. Horan '50
John L. Hornor III '53, '55, '57 & Catherine C. Hornor
Carl C. Howard '36, '93 hon. D.M.
Dr. Vera A. Kochanowsky '81 and Mr. Gregory Hutton
Candace Jans
Saj-nicole Joni, Ph.D.
Peter D. Kaye '97
George E. '60 and Evelyn Kent
Hee-Kyung Kim '94 and Gunho Jang
Mary Seaver Kiplinger '47, '50, '52
Virginia Kowal
Ruth Joann Levine
Bessie E. Levine '50
Laurent E. Levy '83
Gordon Gee-Kong Lew '59
I-Ching Li '00, '02
Marie & Parker Llewellyn
Walter and Nancy Lob
Norman Lotz '77
Iolanda E. Low
Donald K. Maher '49, '52
Donald A. Mandell '62
Akemi T. Masuko '85, '88
Victoria Mazzio
Teresa F. Mazzulli
Joy McIntyre '63
Karl-Ernst Mercker
Anne D. Modugno '50 and Victor D. Modugno
Richard P. & Claire W. Morse
Ronald & Wanda Mourant
Nancy S. Muntzing '58, '60 and  L. Manning Muntzing
Dr. Josephine L. Murray
Katharine S. Nash
Hidenori Ochiai '91, '93
Leonard Joseph '67 and Andrea Patenaude '67
Florence Chapman Pearson '41
Ronald C. Perera
Salvatore F. Porras '46 & Norma E. Porras
William F. and Helen M. Pounds
Ms. Helen C. Powell
Kathleen L. Powers
Harold I. Pratt
Florence & Murray Preisler
Carol A. Procter '63, '65
Sonja L. Pryor
Anne V. Quinn
Virginia Raad '48
David Reffkin
Donna M. Regis '79
Juliette & Watson D. Reid, M.D.
Sara Reineman and Ronn Bronzetti
Ted Reinert
Wilke and Janice Renwick
Elizabeth Gawthrop Riely '70
Anne R. and James V. Righter
Elizabeth Rivin
Joseph E. Roche '57, '59* and Sarita A. Roche '63
Florence K. Romanov '71
Susan A. Sanderson
The Sattley Family
Mrs. William Schwann
Rhoda & Louis Scovell Charitable Foundation, a donor advised Fund of the Combined Jewish Philanthropies
Marie Louise and David Scudder '03 hon. D.M.
Fenwick Smith
Patricia and Gregory E. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. John B. Stanbury
Russell Stanger '50, '52
Diane Stevens
Robert W. Stoll '68 and Nancy Stoll
Carol O. Sykes '61, '65
Dr. Bogdana Tchakarova
Karen Marsh Tenney and Thomas N. Loring
Claude Thibeault
Helen B. Thompson '51, '53
Constance H. Vidor '75
Laurie N. Wadsworth '82
Lutao Sophia Wang
Yu-Li Wang
Mr. Detlef Waschkau and Ms. Akemi T. Masuko
Robert O. West '81
Janelle R. and Charles E. Whalen, Jr.
Jeffery D. Williams '78
Robert and Linda Williams

*In Memoriam