Opportunities for Student Involvement

As a culture of community service is strongly promoted at NEC, students are encouraged by faculty and administrators to participate in the Community Performances and Partnerships Program. Any student who is interested may sign up to be involved on a volunteer basis as much or little as their schedule allows. Additionally, some students have class, program, or studio requirements that include participation in these programs.

Students who are interested in a more extensive outreach experience may apply to participate in one of NEC's Community Performances and Partnerships Fellowships. Students who are accepted into these programs receive an honorarium for their participation. All students who perform/work in community settings receive training through workshops, one-on-one mentoring, classes, seminars, and peer feedback sessions.  Below are the five fellowship program opportunities currently offered through the CPP Program:

  • Individual Fellowship Program
  • Musical Storytelling Fellowship Program
  • Teaching Fellowship Program
  • Ensemble Fellowship Program
  • Holiday Ensemble Fellowship Program

View a complete description of each of the CPP Fellowship Programs.

If you are a current NEC student and would like to more information on ways that you can be involved in the program, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact:

Tanya Maggi, Director of Community Performances and Partnerships
New England Conservatory
290 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 585-1243

What Students Are Saying

"The CPP Program reaffirms that what I am doing really does make a difference, and that I am practicing for more than just self gain." - Mary Lynch '10 B.M., Oboe Performance

"The past two years, as a member of the Euroca Quartet (an NEC Honors Ensemble), and with a solo piano Fellowship, I have been very fortunate to be able to perform all over Boston.  I feel that because of the outreach program, I am much more confident, and much more coherent.  NEC students are so lucky to have the CPP Program.  Everyone should take full advantage of this incredible opportunity which is so easily accessible." - Andrei Baumann '09 M.M., Piano Performance

"Participating in CPP has given me an incredible opportunity to share music with those who appreciate it but cannot easily attend concerts.  It's made me remember the power of music.  I loved hearing the gracious feedback from listeners after our concerts, and collaborating with my good friend.  Thank you, CPP, for making this year memorable!" - Angela Theis '10 M.M., Vocal Performance

Student Spotlight

Every year, New England Conservatory's Community Performances and Partnerships Program presents students in the Musical Storytelling Fellowship during a showcase on Marathon Monday. This year, we have an enthusiastic group of fellows who cannot wiat to share their favorite stories and music with families from around Boston!

During the school year, the musical storytelling fellows develop musical programs that include a story that they read and intertwine with music. This year, we have six fabulous fellows who have traveled to many different schools, exposing many classes of youngsters to the magic of music-making.

Interview with the Musical Storytelling Fellows

How did you find out about the CPP Program? 

“Some friends involved with CPP highly recommended it and when I attended an info session about CPP I was impressed by how many locations they partner with around the city, the different kinds of programming, and the staff's genuine excitement and care for facilitating musical outreach within the Boston community.”  ~Kirsten Lamb

“I was instantly drawn to the Musical Story-Telling Fellowship because of its creative, powerful and inventive mission that allowed me to tap into my love of music, theatre, and education.” ~Lukas Papenfusscline 

 How are you involved in CPP?

“As a Musical Storytelling Fellow, I've visited many elementary schools around the city to perform a story that I tell while accompanying myself on upright bass. My presentation also introduces the students to the banjo and ukulele, as well as a handful of basic musical concepts. In addition to Musical Storytelling, through CPP I co-taught four songwriting workshops for teenagers at the Franciscan Hospital for Children in Brighton.” ~Kirsten Lamb 

"This is my third year as a Musical Storytelling Fellow, and each year is an adventure! My first two years I visited various schools and libraries to share music with young kids and I couldn't wait to do it again this year. But I decided to switch it up a bit, and instead of changing locations, I connected with the students at Bridge Boston and did multiple programs there, which was a whole new experience! I was able to adapt to their environment, build relationships with the students and become a part of their community!" ~Lisa Fujita

What do you like about the Musical Storytelling Fellowship? 

“The actual telling of the story is my favorite part of the program because the kids get so focused on it. They're really engaged with listening and participating by singing along and answering questions.” ~Kirsten Lamb

“It has really allowed me to enjoy performing again. I had such a fun time playing for the kids, showing them the instrument and showing them the possibilities of music.” ~Eric Maul

“We've been given this immense power and responsibility to translate a love of music and genuine interest in the arts. As arts funding dries up in schools, programs like this help fuel interest and provide an artistic outlet for the children.” ~Lukas Papenfusscline 

“I love seeing how kids react to the same story and the same games in different contexts, and at different stages in their development.” ~Natalie Alper-Leroux

Are you learning any skills as a musical-story teller that you will take with you in the future?

“I have worked a lot with elementary-school-aged children and am also an experienced performer, but I was excited to develop an educational program I could continue to use outside of CPP. Tanya was very helpful with working on the timing and the flow of the story (as well as the whole program), and each time I present the program I become more comfortable with it.” ~Kirsten Lamb

“Although I always go into a program feeling prepared, you never know what is going to happen, so I have learned to be flexible and adjust to different situations.” ~Eric Maul

“I gained insight into being a teaching artist, crafting creative lesson plans, approaching schools and seeing education as a part of my future.” ~ Lukas Papenfusscline

What do you like about the CPP Program?

“So many things! I think the CPP Program is an amazing and important resource for connecting NEC with the greater Boston community. The staff is so friendly and invested in matching students' interests and areas of expertise with outreach programs and opportunities. The CPP Program also has such strong relationships with an impressive number of schools, hospitals, and assisted living communities throughout the city and carefully matches student programs with specific locations. It's been really refreshing and rewarding to be part of this program this year at NEC, and to be able to connect with such diverse audiences.” ~Kirsten Lamb 

“We are a , I’ve learneda lot from other story tellers realizing it. Each time I interact with everyone I walk away armed with somethinnew for my own story telling.”  ~Eric Maul

“I love how supportive Tanya and the rest of the team is of the Fellows. Also, the snacks at group events are the best. :)” ~Natalie Alper-Leroux

What would you tell other students who are interested in being a CPP Fellow? 

“Yes, absolutely. Even if a Fellowship seems like too big of a commitment, it's also possible to do one-time performances by just getting in touch with the CPP staff. The opportunities are really open-ended and the staff is so supportive, accessible, and genuinely excited to hear your program ideas and to match you with appropriate venues, it makes it really easy to get involved.” ~Kirsten Lamb 

“GO for it! Right now! The CPP department is filled with awesome, engaging and smart people who share the goal of community outreach and education!” ~Lukas Papenfusscline

“DO IT. Take the leap into interacting with your audiences, because it is by interacting with our listeners that we remember why we began playing music in the first place.” ~Natalie Alper-Leroux

Do you have a favorite story about a CPP experience?

“One week at the songwriting workshop we wrote a song together as a big group, which I thought was really successful. Everyone participated by offering suggestions for lyrics and melodies, and by the end of the workshop they had written a really catchy and introspective song about winter turning into spring. We sang it together 3 times!” ~Kirsten Lamb

"Every time I visit Bridge Boston the students have something they want to show me: a piece they are working on or a song/dance they just learned. On multiple occassions, when the whole class sings together I join by improvising on top of them with my violin, and some of the students would even stop singing and just stare at me with their mouths wide open. But my favorite part is when they ask me 'how did you do that!?' 'will I be able to do that too!?' It makes me happy to see that they want to learn how to play the violin, I love showing them how much fun it can be!"~Lisa Fujita

Do you have any other thoughts or reflections you would like to share?

“I realized this is something I’ll probably continue to do as a professional who runs his own chamber group. This experience has given me much more confidence in performing, which I wasn’t expecting at all. The planning required for the story-telling has leaked into my daily practice and it’s really changed my music making.” ~Eric Maul 

“It has been a blessing to use my CPP program as an outlet for blending together different styles and families of music; noodling around with little snippets of Irish fiddle tunes on days when I'd done nothing but play late Romantic orchestral works was a mental break of the best kind.” ~Natalie Alper-Leroux