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Upcoming Performances

2015-01-23 Sukyung Hong, viola
2015-01-24 Eric Maul, flute
2015-01-28 Leo Marillier, violin
2015-01-30 Weixin Zhou
2015-01-30 Soyoung Yang
2015-01-31 Kenny Lee, cello
2015-01-31 Tyler Flynt
2015-01-31 Michael Avitabile
2015-02-1 Yu Jin, piano
2015-02-03 Mason Yu, violin
2015-02-03 So-Young Choi, violin
2015-02-06 Hyun Ho Choi, piano
2015-02-07 Jamie Clark, cello
2015-02-18 In Mo Yang, violin
2015-02-19 Alexi Kenney, violin
2015-02-19 Stephanie Zyzak, violin
2015-02-20 Yunzhi Guan, piano
2015-02-21 Corey Gaudreau, baritone
2015-02-22 Aihao Zheng, cello
2015-02-25 Caroline Scharr, oboe

Past performances

2014-10-17 Kody Glazer, contemporary improvisation
2014-10-19 Ian Maser, trombone
2014-10-24 Leo Marillier, violin
2014-10-26 Sean Van-Winkle, percussion
2014-10-30 Moe Winograd, double bass
2014-10-31 Johanna Gruskin, flute
2014-11-01 Alexander Sheerin, voice
2014-11-08 Sung Kim, viola
2014-11-12 Kyungseok Yu, tuba
2014-11-12Diana Searle, clarinet
2014-12-14 Jin Uk Kim, piano
2014-11-15 Isabelle Zeledon, voice
2014-11-16 Mark Goldstein, saxophone
2014-11-16 Nicole Caligiuri, oboe
2014-11-21 Edward Kass, bass
2014-11-23 Bree Horton, voice
2014-11-25 Colby Parker, tuba
2014-11-26 Anne Hruskoci, voice
2014-11-30 Lihi Haruvi, jazz saxophone
2014-12-05 Jie Lu, piano
2014-12-05 Emily Jackson, violin
2014-12-06 Han-na Lee, violin
2014-12-07 Tami Papagiannopoulos, voice
2014-12-16 Anne Hruskoci, voice
2015-01-21 Justin Defilippis, violin



NEC Update January 27
Due to the continuing weather conditions, NEC will be closed Wednesday, January 28, for classes, rehearsals and administrative offices. Victor Rosenbaum's faculty recital will go on as scheduled at 8 pm in Jordan Hall. The Jordan Hall building will re-open at 6 pm. 2015-01-27

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