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Upcoming Performances

2015-09-25 Kyumin Shim, jazz piano
2015-09-27 Alex Hersh, cello
2015-10-01 Ming-Hang Zhang, piano
2015-10-05 Nan Tian, collaborative piano
2015-10-09 Maeve Fineberg, violin
2015-10-11 Maria Currie, trumpet
2015-10-14 Mat Maneri, contemporary improvisation
2015-10-18 Hsiao-Hsuan Huang, cello
2015-10-19 Junhan Choi, voice
2015-10-25 Charlie Rosmarin, percussion
2015-10-30 Minju Kim, collaborative piano
2015-11-06 Michelle Sung, flute
2015-11-07 Gabe Terracciano, jazz violin
2015-11-08 Yaniv Yacoby and Chase Morrin, marimba and jazz piano
2015-11-11 Gabe Terracciano, jazz violin
2015-11-11 Katherine Crabill, voice
2015-11-11David Lien, composer
2015-11-12 Hyungyu Kang, contemporary improvisation piano
2015-11-15 Jonghyun Lee, jazz voice
2015-11-16 Amelia Sie, violin
2015-11-18 DoYoung Kim, jazz bass
2015-11-19 Nicholas Tisherman, oboe
2015-11-20 Nicholas Myers, bass
2015-11-22 Emily Nastelin, trumpet
2015-11-22 David Hagee, bass trombone
2015-11-22 Chris Bassett, bass trombone
2015-11-22 Mark Stein, percussion
2015-11-23 Xu Tan and Alison Lau, piano and voice
2015-11-23 Taylor Blanton, trombone
2015-11-30 Giorgos Mannouris, piano
2015-11-30 Vincent Turregano, voice
2015-12-01 Sung Kim, viola
2015-12-05 Scott Chamberlin, saxophone
2015-12-06 Janet Lee, piano
2015-12-06 Kevin Jang, piano
2015-12-08 Jonathan Gentry, oboe
2015-12-12 Nitzan Gal, cello
2015-12-12 Julia Connor, violin
2015-12-13 Benedetto Cordaro, voice
2015-12-16 Taeguk Mun, cello
2015-12-17 Max Light, cello
2015-12-22 Victoria Garcia, trombone