Bruce Brubaker"Want a glimpse into the beauties of the future? In 2015, we're going to hear all the piano music written by Alexander Scriabin—ecstatic stuff—and almost everyone in the department will take part!"
Bruce Brubaker

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Upcoming performances

2016-02-08 Dominique Eade
2016-02-08 Natasha Brofsky Cello Studio Recital
2016-02-09 Sonata Night XIII
2016-02-09 Lilit Karapetian-Shougarian
2016-02-10 Lalo: Symphonie espagnole for Violin and Orchestra
2016-02-11 Sound Bites: Violin and Piano
2016-02-11 Tommasini: Three Spanish Songs
2016-02-12 Piano Seminar: John Davis
2016-02-14 Weilerstein Duo + Parker Quartet
2016-02-15 Kenneth Radnofsky
2016-02-17 Heiss: Songs from James Joyce + Episode I for Solo Violin
2016-02 17 Miriam Fried Studio Class Recital
2016-02-18 Hembree: Apochryphal Chrysopoeia
2016-02-19 Piano Seminar:Andrew Rangell
2016-02-19 Jason Moran masterclass
2016-02-22 Beethoven: Trio for Piano and Strings Op. 70 No.2
2016-02-24 NEC CHamber Orchestra + Student Soloist
2016-02-26 Piano Seminar: Mark McCoy
2016-02-29 Aldo Abreu
2016-03-03 Alexi Kenney
2016-03-08 Sonata Night XIV
2016-03-09 Ravel: Concerto for Piano in G Major
2016-03-10 Pei-Shan Lee
2016-03-13 Composer's Celebration Concert
2016-03-14 Eden MacAdam-Somer
2016-03-16 NEC Philharmonia + student soloist
2016-04-03 Russell Sherman
2016-04-04 First Monday
2016-04-07 Nataly Wickham
2016-04-10 Huang: Orphan San Mao
2016-04-18 Marion Rubin Berman '31 Piano Honors Competition and Concert: Babbitt
2016-04-19 Sonata Night XV
2016-04-27 Adams: Concerto for Violin
2016-05-01 Andrew Steinberg
2016-05-02 First Monday
2016-05-21 Prep Piano Seminar

Past Performances

2015-09-11 Piano Seminar: Introduction
2015-09-25 Piano Seminar: Angel Rivera on teaching
2015-09-29 Gabriel Chodos
2015-10-02 Piano Seminar: Susan Reed
2015-10-09 Piano Seminar: "Glass Piano" and its "Versions"
2015-10-18 Meng-Chieh Liu
2015-10-23 Piano Seminar: Yves Henry concerning music by Chopin
2015-10-28 Fred Hersch Masterclass
2015-10-29 Fred Hersch
2015-10-30 Piano Seminar: Tae Kim - Improvisation Workshop
2015-11-02 First Monday
2015-11-03 Li-Mei Liang
2015-11-17 Jung-A Bang
2015-11-30 Anthony Coleman
2015-12-02 Crumb: Makrokosmos I, II
2015-12-05 Joseph Gotoff
2015-12-07 First Monday
2015-12-09 Brahms: Piano Concerto no 1
2016-01-20 Stephen Drury
2016-01-23 Morse Masterclass: Alexandre Tharaud
2016-01-25 Coleman, Moran, Netsky
Works by Franck Bedrossian
2016-01-28 Prokofiev: Piano Music
2016-01-28 Music of Andrew Hill
2016-01-29 Ethan Iverson piano masterclass
2016-01-31 Prep Concerto Concert
2016-02-01 Aaron Goldberg piano masterclass
2016-02-01 Prokofiev: Piano Music
2016-02-02 works for violin and piano by Berger, Peyton
2016-02-03 Debussy: Première Rhapsodie for Clarinet and Orchestra