The Preparatory School workshop/recital system offers students valuable performance experience and a wide range of viewpoints through direct feedback from various instructors. Students are recommended for workshops by their private teacher. After completion of the workshop, written reports made by another member of the faculty are available to the student. Students performing in workshops will normally play in a departmental recital the following week. Each student should participate in at least one workshop/recital per semester.

Preparatory student recitals are scheduled on Saturdays throughout the year. These are free and open to the public. Students are recommended for recital programs based on their performance in workshops. In addition to group recitals, students are encouraged to perform solo recitals. All performances must be approved by the teacher.

Piano workshops and recitals are from 12:00-1:00 p.m. or from 4:00-5:00 p.m.

If you have any questions/conflicts, please call 617-585-1132.

Piano Workshop/Recital Schedule 2015-2016

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Workshop: September 26
Recital: October 3

Workshop: October 10
Recital: October 17

Workshop: October 24
Recital: October 31

Workshop: November 7
Recital: November 14

Workshop: November 21
Recital: December 5

Workshop: December 12
Recital: December 19

Workshop: January 16
Recital: January 30

Workshop: February 20
Recital: February 27

Workshop: March 5
Recital: March 19

Workshop: March 26
Recital: April 2

Workshop: April 9
Recital: April 16

Workshop: April 23
Recital: April 30