Prep Presents

NEC says "Thank you, Boston" all year with its "NEC Prep Presents" concerts. Free admission to these concerts by senior Prep ensembles marks our gratitude for the support of the City of Boston and the parents, siblings, schools, and music teachers who make our work possible.

Upcoming Performances

2015-05-10 NEC Youth Brass Ensembles
2015-05-09 Harp Fest
2015-05-18 Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble + Mucci
2015-05-19 Youth Jazz Orchestra + Schaphorst
2015-05-21 Youth Symphony + Karidoyanes
2015-05-23 Melba Sandberg Memorial Concert
2015-05-24 Prep Chamber Music Festival
2015-05-27 Youth Chorale + Richter
2015-05-29 Youth Philharmonic Orchestra + Loebel
2015-05-30 Prep Spring Festival
2015-06-01 Junior Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble + Samour
2015-06-02 Prep Chamber Music Gala

Past performances

2014-11-10 NEC Youth Symphony + Karidoyanes, Weilerstein
2014-11-16 Prep Brassfest: Trombone
2014-11-20 Youth Philharmonic Orchestra + Loebel
2014-12-12 NEC Youth Jazz Orchestra + Leonard
2014-12-13 NEC Prep Winter Chorale Concert
2014-12-14 Senior MYWE + Mucci
2014-12-15 Junior MYWE + Samour
2014-12-16 Preparatory School Brass Ensembles
2014-12-20 Winter Prep Piano Seminar
2014-12-20 NEC Prep Winter Festival
2015-01-24 Prep Harp Ensemble
2015-02-01 Baroque Ensembles
2015-01-30 John Harbison masterclass
2015-01-31 Jake Bernstein, Harbison
2015-01-31 "Today's Youth Perform Today's Music" 1pm
2015-01-31 "Today's Youth Perform Today's Music" 3pm
2015-02-01 "Today's Youth Perform Today's Music" 10am
2015-02-01 "Today's Youth Perform Today's Music" 1pm
2015-02-01 "Today's Youth Perform Today's Music" 2:30pm
2015-02-01 "Today's Youth Perform Today's Music" 4pm
2015-02-01 Suzuki players @ TD Garden
2015-02-07 Prep Brass Fest: French Horn
2015-02-07 From The Top
2015-02-19 Youth Philharmonic Orchestra + Wolff
2015-03-07 Prep Open House
2015-03-15 JR/SR MYWE Concert
2015-04-02 Boston Trio
2015-04-12 Prep Piano Recital at Brookline Public Library
2015-05-06 Boston Ballet School's Next Generation