Our Theory courses are full-academic year courses. All students new to our theory programs that are interested in enrolling in one of our courses must take a Theory Placement exam with the Theory Department Chair, Lyle Davidson.

Rolling admission is possible but is strictly at the discretion of the theory faculty.

Theory Placement Exams

New NEC Prep theory students must take a theory placement exam. No preparation is needed for this exam. Returning students do not need to schedule a placement exam. Advancement to the next theory level is determined by the previous year's class performance and final evaluation.

Fall Placements

New theory students can sign up for a placement time by filling out the Theory Placement Form.

Rolling Placement

The exam can be scheduled by emailing the NEC Prep office at prep@necmusic.edu.

Please provide the following information with your emailed inquiry:

Student Full Name:
Date of Birth:
Contact Person:
Contact Phone:
Contact E-mail:

2015-16 Theory Class Schedule

All Theory classes meet on Saturdays. Students whose level, as determined by placement exam (as described above), or advancement from the previous school year, conflicts with the times below, may choose to enroll in private theory lessons.

For more information regarding Theory class level structure, please click here.

Theory I-1

  • 9-10am, Weinstein
  • 10-11am, Kordis

Theory I-2

  • 9-10am, Weller
  • 10-11am, Weinstein

Theory II-1

  • 9-10am, Savage
  • 10-11am, Weller

Theory II-2

  • 11am-12pm, McAllister
  • 1-2pm, Weinstein

Theory for Teens I

  • 11am-12pm, Kordis
  • 1-2pm, Pingrey

Theory for Teens II

  • 11am-12pm, Pingrey
  • 2-3pm, McAllister

Theory III-1 (Solfege)

  • 10-11am, Bell
  • 1-2pm, Bell

Theory III-2 (Harmony)

  • 10-11am, Savage
  • 11am-12pm, Savage

Theory IV-1 (Interpretive Analysis)

  • 1-2pm, McAllister

Theory IV-2 (Adv. Solfege and Score Reading)

  • 11am-12pm, Bell

To learn more about our music theory program and offerings, please click here.