Here at NEC Prep we offer a variety of classes for pianists. Click here to learn more.

Our Piano courses are full-academic year courses. Auditions for these courses are held in September. Rolling admission is possible, but is strictly at the discretion of the individual teachers.

To learn more about our Piano offerings, please contact Marilyn Roth, Department Chair of Piano at

2014-15 Auditions

Auditions for our 2014-15 Piano Courses will take place in September 2014. To schedule an audition time, please contact the Prep office at or at (617) 585-1160 in August 2014.

Piano Lessons Auditions Requirements

If the student has experience playing the piano, please prepare 2 contrasting pieces.
If the student is a beginner, no preparation is needed.

Piano Seminar Audition Requirements

There are 4 levels of Piano Seminar class. A student's level is designated by performance at our Fall audition.

Junior - must be playing Bach Inventions or Little Preludes.
Audition: 1 piece of their choice and sightreading.

Intermediate - must be playing Haydn, Mozart or Beethoven Sonatas
Audition: 2 contrasting pieces.

Advanced Section I - must be playing Preludes and Fugues by Bach.
Audition: 2 contrasting pieces.

Advanced Section 2 - must be playing Chopin, Liszt or Rachmaninov Etudes
Audition: 1 Etude by any of the composers listed and a contrasting piece.

Piano Chamber Music Audition Requirements

2 contrasting pieces of solo repertoire.

Piano Sightreading Class Audition Requirements

2 contrasting pieces of solo repertoire.

Although this class focuses on sightreading, two prepared pieces are required of the student. The student will also be expected to sightread in the audition.