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Upcoming performances

Welcome to NEC's Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice (SICPP): days and nights of explosive new music! The SICPP experience is intense and demanding for participating performers and composers—each day is filled with masterclasses, lessons, colloquia, and rehearsals. Evening concerts are given by SICPP faculty, special guest artist Marilyn Nonken, and Ensemble-in-Residence the Callithumpian Consort, and will feature works by the SICPP Composer-in-Residence, Vinko Globokar.

2016-06-19 SICPP—Brown: Centering; Czernowin, Epstein, Globokar, Liang
2016-06-20 SICPP—Reich: Music for 18 Musicians; Cage: Apartment House 1776
2016-06-21 SICPP—Harvey: Bhakti; Globokar, Vines
2016-06-22 SICPP—Marilyn Nonken
2016-06-23 SICPP—Globokar, Lillios, Stockhausen
2016-06-24 SICPP—Globokar, Smith, Vines
2016-06-25 SCIPP: Iditarod

Past performances

2015-09-30 Schuller: Dreamscape
2015-10-14 Moravec: Morph
2015-10-21 Dzubay: Snake Alley
2015-10-28 Glanert: Three American Preludes
2015-10-30 Ouroboros Trilogy in workshop: Naga
2015-11-01 Ouroboros Trilogy in workshop: Naga
2015-11-04 Lang: International Business Machines
2015-11-05 Unsuk Chin: Do You Hear What I Hear?
2015-11-11 NEC Chamber Orchestra
2015-11-18 Torke: Black and White
2015-12-02 Crumb: Makrokosmos I, II
2015-12-05 works for solo cello by Binna Kim, Shulamit Ran
2015-12-07 Music of Derek David
2015-12-07 Wyner: West of the Moon
2015-12-08 Contemporary Improvisation Salon Night
2015-12-09 Sheng: Tibetan Swing
2015-12-14 Contemporary Improvisation Salon Night
2016-01-20 piano music by Feldman, Wolff
2016-01-24 Music of Kati Agócs
2016-02-02 Arthur Berger Memorial Concert
2016-02-03 Schiff: Stomp
2016-02-10 Dutilleux: Métaboles
2016-02-11 George Tsontakis: Do You Hear What I Hear?
2016-02-18 Miller: Scream, Gilgamesh, Scream; works by Hembree, Ianni, Reynolds
2016-03-09 Adès: Studies
2016-03-09 Cardew, Stockhausen
2016-03-16 Kernis: Whisper, Echo, A Cry
2016-04-06 Chen: It Ripples
2016-04-13 Wuorinen: Grand Bamboula for string orchestra
2016-04-14 Crumb: Makrokosmos IV, Reich: Double Sextet
2016-04-19 Tuesday Night New Music
2016-04-20 Agócs, Crumb, Schoenberg, Swire
2016-04-27 NEC Philharmonia at Symphony Hall
2016-05-01 works for saxophone by Albright, Dressel, Kox, Moe
2016-05-03 Greek Modernism and Beyond
2016-05-04 NEC Composers' Series
2016-05-05 Copland: Variations for Piano
2016-05-09 Forrest: This Soul to Tend
2016-05-12 Sawyer, McDonald
2016-05-13 The Summers Case
2016-05-14 Zenkora: A Brief History
2016-05-18 Previn: Trio for Piano, Oboe and Bassoon
2016-05-20 A Far Cry: All American
2016-05-21 Klarman: Larger Than Life