Nobuko ImaiLight a fire

Visiting stars—like violist Nobuko Imai—fire up students to excel in public classes.

There are other ways than concerts to connect with music on a deep level. Visiting artists bring polish to already accomplished students in the intensive scrutiny of the masterclass: sitting in the audience, you get to witness an artist adding a layer of maturity to their craft. Lectures, seminars, and panels also add depth to your understanding of the music you love.

Of particular note, the Morse Masterclasses present some of the world-renowned artists who visit NEC each year, under the generous sponsorship of the Morse Visiting Artist Fund.

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Upcoming events

2015-09-25 Piano Seminar: Angel Rivera on teaching
2015-09-27 Boston Double Reed Day
2015-10-02 Piano Seminar: Susan Reed
2015-10-04 Kenneth Bozeman 'Practical Vocal Acoustics': Lecture
2015-10-04 Kenneth Bozeman 'Practical Vocal Acoustics': Masterclass
2015-10-07 Origo Ensemble lecture-demonstration
2015-10-09 Jason Moran Masterclass
2015-10-09 Piano Seminar: "Glass Piano" and its "Versions"
2015-10-09 Nic Gareiss Workshop: Dance the Tune
2015-10-11 Lluis Claret Cello Masterclass
2015-10-12 Opera masterclass with Diana Soviero
2015-10-15 Diana Soviero masterclass
2015-10-16 Piano Seminar: Robert Levin
2015-10-22 Solas: Irish Music Masterclass
2015-10-23 Piano Seminar: Yves Henry concerning music by Chopin
2015-10-28 Fred Hersch masterclass
2015-10-30 Piano Seminar: Tae Kim - Improvisation Workshop
2015-10-30 Ouroboros Trilogy in workshop: Naga
2015-11-01 Ouroboros Trilogy in workshop: Naga
2015-11-05 Chamber music masterclasses with Parker Quartet members
2015-11-06 Piano Seminar: Tae Kim - Improvisation Workshop
2015-11-12 Ricky Ford Masterclass
2015-11-13 Jason Moran Masterclass
2015-11-13 Piano Seminar: Michael Lewin discusses and performs music by Debussy
2015-11-17 Nobuko Imai viola masterclass
2015-11-20 Piano Seminar: Carl Petersson 
2016-12-03 Dave Holland masterclass
2016-12-11 Jason Moran masterclass

Past events

2014-09-06 Fiddle Workshop
2014-09-07 Pappoutsakis masterclasses
2014-09-08 Songwriting Workshop with Lake Street Dive
2014-09-08 Freelancing 101
2014-09-09 Old Time Fiddle Workshop with Bruce Molsky
2014-09-10 Open For'm: "Winds"
2014-09-18 Evan Parker workshop
2014-09-19 Jason Palmer masterclass
2014-09-24 Claudia Quintet masterclass
2014-09-24 Opera Masterclass with Denyce Graves
2014-09-30 Vijay Iyer + Jason Moran masterclass 
2014-10-03 Larry Groupé masterclass
2014-10-05 Prep Brassfest: Trumpet
2014-10-05 Boston Double Reed Day
2014-10-07 Dave Holland ensembles masterclass
2014-10-07 Fred Hersch masterclass
2014-10-07 John Heiss masterclass
2014-10-07 Opera Masterclass with José van Dam
2014-10-08 Lara Morciano lecture
2014-10-09 Dave Holland: Rhythm Practice Workshop
2014-10-09 Opera Masterclass with José van Dam
2014-10-10 Tae Kim: Improv Workshop I
2014-10-11 Preparing and Auditioning for College Voice Programs
2014-10-17 Tae Kim: Improv Workshop II
2014-10-18 Charlie Castleman masterclass
2014-10-19 Morse Masterclass: Joel Krosnick
2014-10-19 Juilliard String Quartet Masterclass
2014-10-20 Roger Graybill lecture
2014-10-22 Bharata natyam: Traditional Practice as Contemporary Art
2014-10-23 Dance Music in Renaissance & Baroque Repertoires
2014-10-24 Tae Kim: Improv Workshop III
2014-10-24 The Marriage of Music & Dance in Jazz
2014-10-24 Borromeo String Quartet: 3-2-1-Ciaconna
2014-10-24 Grigory Kalinovsky masterclass
2014-10-25 Grigory Kalinovsky masterclass
2014-10-26 Prep Brassfest: Euphonium & Tuba
2014-10-26 The Expo with eighth blackbird
2014-10-30 Morse Masterclass: Richard Goode
2014-11-04 Fred Hersch masterclass
2014-11-04 Teach Smart
2014-11-04 John Zorn pre-concert Q&A
2014-11-07 Piano Seminar: Wha Kyung Byun
2014-11-09 Speaking to Your Audience
2014-11-11 Opera Masterclass with Barbara Bonney
2014-11-13 Opera Masterclass with Barbara Bonney
2014-12-01 Weilerstein Trio Masterclass
2014-12-08 Marcel Pérès Masterclass
2015-01-12 Hush Point masterclass
2015-01-16 Piano Seminar: Tim Page
2015-01-18 Thomas Hampson masterclass + honorary doctorate
2015-01-19 Stephen Jaffe colloquium
2015-01-21 Pre-Performance Routines
2015-01-22 Emerson Quartet masterclasses, viola
2015-01-22 Emerson Quartet masterclasses, chamber
2015-01-22 Emerson Quartet masterclasses, cello
2015-01-22 Emerson Quartet masterclasses, chamber II
2015-01-22 Traveling with Your Music
2015-01-22 Sharon Isbin guitar masterclass
2015-01-22 Angela Hewitt piano masterclass
2015-01-23 Piano Seminar: Ronan O'Hora
2015-01-29 Jason Moran masterclass
2015-02-05 Focus in Performance
2015-02-06 Piano Seminar: Michael Mizrahi
2015-02-07 Prep Brassfest: French Horn
2015-02-10 Fred Hersch masterclass
2015-02-12 Jason Moran masterclass
2015-02-18 Morse masterclass: James Ehnes
2015-02-19 Poetry Reading: Nathaniel Mackey
2015-02-20 Piano Seminar: Sangyoung Kim
2015-02-20 Instrumental Innovation with Maarten Stragier
2015-02-22 A Musician's Guide: Protecting Performance Health
2015-02-25 John Medeski masterclass
2015-02-26 The Accidental Teacher
2015-02-27 Piano Seminar: Eduardo Monteiro
2015-03-02 Douglas Yeo Bass Trombone masterclass
2015-03-03 Dave Holland small combo masterclass
2015-03-03 The Art of Storytelling
2015-03-05 Dave Holland masterclass
2015-03-06 Piano Seminar: Stephen Drury
2015-03-09 Personalize Your Marketing
2015-03-09 Grisha Goryachev classical guitar masterclass
Piano Seminar: Hugh Wolff
2015-03-24 Fred Hersch masterclass
2015-03-26 The Art of Storytelling
2015-03-27 Piano Seminar
2015-03-27 Robert Tucci tuba masterclass
2015-03-28 Roger Bobo tuba masterclass
2015-03-29 Brass bash Tuba panel + masterclass
2015-03-30 Grisha Goryachev guitar masterclass
2015-03-31 Andrew Garland voice masterclass
2015-03-31 A View from the Future with Naomi Oreskes
2015-03-31 The Art of Storytelling
2015-04-01 Christian Tetzlaff Violin masterclass
2015-04-03 Piano Seminar: Hugh Wolff
2015-04-04 NEC Prep Faculty Brass Quartet masterclass
2015-04-11 Lucy Chapman Chamber Music Masterclass
2015-04-13 Robert DeMaine Cello masterclass
2015-04-15 Honky Tonk Dance Workshop
2015-04-17 Piano Seminar: Ian Power
2015-04-23 William David Brohn colloquium
2015-04-24 Phrasing, Time, and Idiomatic Authority: Improvisations by Clifford Brown, Joe Henderson, and John Coltrane
2015-04-24 Atar Arad viola masterclass + recital
2015-04-30 Alisa Weilerstein cello masterclass