Nobuko ImaiLight a fire

Visiting stars—like violist Nobuko Imai—fire up students to excel in public classes.

There are other ways than concerts to connect with music on a deep level. Visiting artists bring polish to already accomplished students in the intensive scrutiny of the masterclass: sitting in the audience, you get to witness an artist adding a layer of maturity to their craft. Lectures, seminars, and panels also add depth to your understanding of the music you love.

Of particular note, the Morse Masterclasses present some of the world-renowned artists who visit NEC each year, under the generous sponsorship of the Morse Visiting Artist Fund.

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Upcoming events

2016-01-22 Surviving Schedule C
2016-01-23 Morse Masterclass: Alexandre Tharaud
2016-01-27 Franck Bedrossian: Lecture and Concert
2016-01-28 Jason Moran on Andrew Hill
2016-01-28 Taking Artistic Control: Starting Your Own performance Series
2016-01-29 Ethan Iverson piano masterclass
2016-02-01 Aaron Goldberg piano masterclass
2016-02-01 Music in 2050: Possibilities for Creative Professionals
2016-02-03 There's a Grant for That
2016-02-05 Spread the Word: Social Media for Artists
2016-02-19 Jason Moran masterclass

Past events

2015-09-25 Piano Seminar: Angel Rivera on teaching
2015-09-27 Boston Double Reed Day
2015-10-02 Piano Seminar: Susan Reed
2015-10-04 Kenneth Bozeman 'Practical Vocal Acoustics': Lecture
2015-10-04 Kenneth Bozeman 'Practical Vocal Acoustics': Masterclass
2015-10-09 Piano Seminar: "Glass Piano" and its "Versions"
2015-10-09 Nic Gareiss Workshop: Dance the Tune
2015-10-11 Lluis Claret cello masterclass
2015-10-12 Opera masterclass with Diana Soviero
2015-10-15 Opera masterclass with Diana Soviero
2015-10-18 Gary Hoffman cello masterclass
2015-10-22 Solas: Irish music masterclass
2015-10-23 Piano Seminar: Yves Henry concerning music by Chopin
2015-10-28 Fred Hersch jazz masterclass
2015-10-30 Piano Seminar: Tae Kim - Improvisation Workshop
2015-10-30 JR Fralick vocal masterclass
2015-10-30 Ouroboros Trilogy in workshop: Naga
2015-11-01 Ouroboros Trilogy in workshop: Naga
2015-11-04 T.S. Monk on Thelonious Monk
2015-11-05 Parker Quartet masterclass: Daniel Chong, Jessica Bodner
2015-11-05 Parker Quartet masterclass: Ying Xue, Kee-Hyun Kim
2015-11-05 Unsuk Chin: Do You Hear What I Hear?
2015-11-06 Piano Seminar: Tae Kim - Improvisation Workshop
2015-11-12 Ricky Ford jazz masterclass
2015-11-13 Jason Moran jazz masterclass
2015-11-13 Piano Seminar: Michael Lewin discusses and performs music by Debussy
2015-11-17 Nobuko Imai viola masterclass
2015-11-20 Piano Seminar: Carl Petersson 
2015-12-03 Dave Holland jazz masterclass
2015-12-11 Jason Moran jazz masterclass
2016-01-21 Amber: Pre-concert Presentation and Discussion