Too Marvelous for WordsReasons for a party

Round-number birthdays spell "party" for Frank Sinatra (at 100), Billy Strayhorn (100), Ran Blake (80), Anthony Coleman (60), Fred Hersch (60).

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Upcoming performances

2016-02-16 Contemporary Improvisation Department Concert
2016-02-19 Jason Moran masterclass
2016-02-23 Petite Feet at the Athenaeum
2016-02-24 Iva Bittova masterclass
2016-02-24 Iva Bittova Demonstration
2016-02-25 NEC Jazz Orchestra: The Music of Ken Schaphorst
2016-03-02 Felipe Salles masterclass
2016-03-13 Bob Nieske
2016-03-14 Eden MacAdam-Somer
2016-03-18 Jason Moran masterclass
2016-03-29 Jazz/Wildcard Concert
2016-03-31 In The Mix
2016-04-04 In The Mix
2016-04-05 In The Mix
2016-04-06 In The Mix
2016-04-07 Jazz Composer's Ensemble/Gospel Concert
2016-04-11 Next Generation Concert
2016-04-12 In The Mix
2016-04-13 In The Mix
2016-04-14 Film Noir Concert: Night of the Hunter
2016-04-18 In The Mix
2016-04-19 In The Mix
2016-04-19 Dave Holland Master Class
2016-04-21 Dave Holland Master Class
2016-04-21 Jazz Orchestra Tribute to Kenny Wheeler feat. Dave Holland
2016-04-24 Dominique Eade
2016-04-25 In The Mix
2016-04-26 Jazz Composers' Workshop Orchestra
2016-04-27 In The Mix
2016-04-28 In The Mix
2016-05-02 In The Mix
2016-05-03 In The Mix
2016-05-04 In The Mix

Past performances

2015-09-08 Contemporary Improvisation Opening Night Concert
2015-09-17 Jamie Baum masterclass
2015-10-15 Too Marvelous for Words: Music of Frank Sinatra
2015-10-23 Liz Tobias: 'Straya
2015-10-29 Fred Hersch
2015-11-04 T.S. Monk on Thelonious Monk
2015-11-12 In The Mix
2015-11-13 Ran Blake's 80th Birthday Concert
2015-11-16 In The Mix
2015-11-17 In The Mix
2015-11-18 Jazz Composer's Ensemble/Gospel Concert
2015-11-19 Gunther Schuller Memorial Concert
2015-11-23 In The Mix
2015-11-30 In The Mix
2015-11-30 Anthony Coleman
2015-12-01 In The Mix 
2015-12-01 Dave Holland Masterclass
2015-12-02 Nir Naaman
2015-12-03 Dave Holland Masterclass
2015-12-03 Music of Dave Holland
2015-12-07 In the Mix
2015-12-08 Contemporary Improvisation Salon Night
2015-12-09 Contemporary Improvisation Salon Night
2015-12-10 Music of Billy Strayhorn
2015-12-14 Contemporary Improvisation Salon Night
2015-12-15 Jazz Composers' Workshop Orchestra
2015-12-16 In the Mix
2015-12-17 In The Mix
2016-01-25 Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation Department Concert
2016-01-28 Jason Moran on Andrew Hill
2016-01-28 Music of Andrew Hill
2016-01-29 Ethan Iverson masterclass
2016-02-01 Aaron Goldberg masterclass

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NEC jazz musicians have received many awards and honors, including Grammy Awards, MacArthur Fellowships, the Rome Prize, and being named NEA Jazz Masters.

Jazz conversation with NEC faculty Ken Schaphorst, David Zoffer, Hankus Netsky.