"Wewh! That bass player is great," said Carlos Santana with a smile as he listened to a recent recording of Wes, who regularly performs, teaches, and records in the Boston area. Fluent in many styles, but most often jazz, gospel, reggae, calypso, and afro-pop, Wes's acoustic and electric bass playing is cutting edge and always heart-felt. Wes is currently producing a feature recording of original compositions that push the limits of contemporary bass playing and bass-centric sensibility. Wes maintains a very active involvement with many of Boston's top musical talent.

Notable recent recordings with:
King Sunny Ade - award winning 7 Degrees North
Stan Stricklan - Love and Beauty
Jama Jigi and Sidi Muhammad Joh Camara - Afro Blue
Darren Barrett - Attack of the Wren
George W. Russell - Schlickness and Sandra Dow - Live with the Trio
Bob Moses - Time Stood Still
East African Afro Beat Diva, Sali Oyugi - Vuma
Production and co-arranging of Balla Tounkara's Be Right
Award winning sound track for Miramax Films - Next Stop Wonderland

Tours with:
Chuck Mangione, Bob Moses & Mozamba, George Russell, Mamma Tongue, and Stan Strickland.

In addition to holding an undergraduate degree with honors in jazz performance and composition from New England Conservatory, Wes practices as an architect and planner. He holds a masters degree from Harvard University in each of those fields. He is currently working on developing a state of the art music, performance, recording, production, practice, and educational facility in Boston.

Photo by Andrew Hurlbut