This list reflects donations made between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

President’s Ensemble ($1,500–$4,999)

AAA Southern New England
Francisco J. Abenante and
  Monica R. Rincon de Abenante
The Arts Federation
Peggy and Bruce Barter
Michael L. Becker ’04
Ann Macy Beha and Robert A.   Radloff
Behrakis Foundation
Bruce P. and Ruthanne Bengtson
Paul Biss and Miriam Fried
Bloomingdale’s, Inc.
Margaret Boles Fitzgerald and
  Thomas Fitzgerald
Donald W. Bourne
Edward P. and Maureen F. Bousa
Frederick C. and Elizabeth Cabot
Andrew M. Carter and
  Renée Krimsier
The Charles Hotel
Chubb Life Insurance Company
Michael and Angela M. Cirami
Estate of F. Lyman Clark
Arthur D. Clarke and
  Susan P. Sloan
Coca-Cola Refreshments USA,
Collegiate Press Co.
Colliers International Boston
John and Catherine Connolly
John B. and Janet H. Constantine
Nancy and Laury Coolidge
W. Read and Kate Coughlin
Lotta M. Crabtree Trusts
Ruth M. Culleton
Barbara F. Currier and
  Richard B. Currier
D'Addario Music Foundation
Gene and Lloyd Dahmen
William B. and Jennifer C. Danner
Nelson J. Darling
Wayne C. Davis and Ann Merrifield
Drs. Anna L. and Peter B. Davol
Katie M. DeBonville
JoAnne Walton Dickinson and Charles C. Dickinson
Francis and Christine M. Doran
Downey Family Charitable
E.M.R. Drywall, Inc.
Dorothea Royer Endicott '00
Staffan and Sarah S. Ericsson
Albert V. ’55, ’57 and
  Effie G. Ferguson ’54 
John A. and Lynn Ferrillo
Fidelity Foundation Matching Gifts   to Education Program
Vianna Finch
Harold A. Flegelman and
  Deborah J. Irving   
Shrieking Meadow Foundation
Joyce and Edward Fredkin
Catherine L. Fuller
John Geller '65
Asim Ghaffar
Barbara Winter Glauber and
  Robert R. Glauber
Thelma E. and Ray A. Goldberg
Robert L. Goldsmith and
  Kathleen McIsaac
Goodwin Procter LLP
Mary J. Greer
Janice M. Guilbault
Matt J. Halprin
Deborah R. Hanley and
  Francis McGuire
Jerry and Margaretta Hausman

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Hayes III
Julie and Bayard Henry
Bud Herseth ’54, ’85 hon. D.M.*
Ruth L. Hertz
Bob and Kristine Higgins
Miu-Hing C. Ho and Yu L. Chu
William S. and Eun-Mee O. Hong
Joe L. Jefferson Foundation
Don E. Jones, Jr.
Warren Jones
Barbara R. Jordan and
  Robert Pemberton
George A. and Cheryl Keches
Joan Bennett Kennedy
La Bella Strings
Keun-Woo Lee and Hyung-Joo Do
Miguel A. Leibovich
Laurence Lesser ’00 hon. D.M. and
  Masuko Ushioda*
Elizabeth I. Lintz and
  John D. Kramer
Andrew G. Mantel
Holt Massey and Sandra Ourusoff
Carol McKeen ’83 and John Dunton
Dr. and Mrs. Louis Meeks
Merck Company Foundation
Trudi Mishara ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Montrone
G. Marshall and Nina Moriarty
Alan R. and Cecily O. Morse
Gérard and Brigitte T. Moufflet
Northeastern Mechanical, Inc.
Cynthia J. Null and Robert Goodof
Geoffrey and Clare H. Nunes
Violet Ohanasian
Charles H. ’85 and Kirstin S. Peltz
The Pentair Foundation
Liliane Piel
Jeffrey D. Plunkett and
  Catheline van den Branden
Susan and J. William Poduska
Lia and William Poorvu
Dr. Mark S. and Lucy Gordon   Ptashne
Donna M. Regis ’79
Ted L. Reinert
Julie H. and Robert J. Reveley
Anne R. and James V. Righter
Michael J. and Karen Rotenberg
Ann Ellen and John Rutherford
John E. Sandberg in memory of   Melba R. Sandberg
The Sattley Family
Victor N. ’73 and Lesley Sawa
Kathleen I. Schuller-Bleakie and   Maxwell Bleakie
Jonathan P. Schwartz and
  Marcella Fischer
Edward M. and Barbara B. Scolnick
Peter W. and Carole Segal
Katherine S. Sipolt
Deborah L. Smith
F. Randall and Judith G. Smith
Ray S. and Maria Stata
David R.A. and Sharon Steadman
Mr. and Mrs. Neil L. Thompson
Christina K. Tiemann
Titan Roofing, Inc.
Robert H. Traylor
Ardis Vaughan
Verizon Foundation
Nancy Watters and Steven B. Sayre
Barnet and Sandra Weinstein
Welch & Forbes LLC
Simon and Tricia Welsby
Stephen J. Wessling Architects, Inc.
Robert and Linda Williams
Frances Bolton Wilmerding and   Patrick S. Wilmerding