This list reflects donations made in support of the Preparatory School between July 1, 2013 and November 30, 2014.  

Maestro $5,000+
Deborah C. and Timothy W. Diggins
Timothy W. Fulham and Lise M. Olney
Shintaro and Setsuko Hori
Sally L. Rubin and Arthur I. Applbaum
The Michael and Helen Schaffer Foundation in memory of Melba R. Sandberg

Conductor $2,500-$4,999
Catherine Tan Chan and Eui-Hoy Chung
Thelma E. and Ray A. Goldberg
Joe L. Jefferson Foundation
Dr. Mark S. and Lucy Gordon Ptashne
Margarita Rudyak

Soloist $1,000-$2,499
Atul L. and Ajita A. Bhat
John Carey
Ruth M. Culleton
Kairyn L. Rainer and Mark Williams
June and Mark Rzepczynski
John E. Sandberg and Ann Nortmann in memory of Melba R. Sandberg
Jonathan D. and Maggie G. Seelig
Karl Sims
Hugh Wolff and Judith Kogan
Hugo M. and Marcia Yamada

Concertmaster $500-$999
Janet E. Bragg
Michael K. Chan and Seung Shin Kim
John and Catherine Connolly
Margaret T. and Bruce R. Gelin
Ronald A. and Elizabeth Goodman
Jonathan C. and Lise G. Kasdan
Kerry M. and Susan Kee in memory of Melba R. Sandberg
Heung B. Kim and Eumene Ching
David S. ‘87 and Susan M. Tobin
The Venkataramani Family

Principal Player $300-$499
Jane A. Materazzo and Gregory M. Kennan
Jay Tang and Luning Han
Christina Wei and Daniel O’Leary
XinXin Zhang and Adam T. Wong

Section Leader $150-$299
Harold J. Burstein and Mary P. Mullen
Wallace F. and Barbara R. Dailey
Eric D. Eimold and Kimberly J. Sibley
Christian C. and Michele V. Fisher
Stewart C. and Susan T. Foelix
Elizabeth and Peter Frunkin
John B. and Amy S. Funkhouser
Ani and Jirair Hovsepian
Antti M. and Lydia L. Kankkunen
Ann Kostant
Bruce and Nancy C. Landay
Mary S. Lincoln
Earl S. Marmar and Ruth Shefer
Peter and Mary Ellen Marsden
The Moskowitz Family
Lynne Pepall and Daniel J. Richards
Barbara H. and Earl L. Raney
Abram and Martha Recht
Ms. Christine Standish and Mr. Christopher Wilk
Christina K. Tiemann
Ensemble Member Up to $149
Anonymous (4)
Sanjeev Abrol
Taejoon Ahn and Cindy Y. Moon
William F. and Kimberly S. Arndt
Jeffrey A. Ashur
Alison M. and Peter D. Atallah
Janis Bellow
Sigrid Berka and Thomas W. Kniesche
Michael Berman and Heidi L. Abber-Berman
Bonnie L. Bermas and Mark S. Link
Ronald R. and Regina J. Blais
Rebecca Bogers
Susan C. and Laurence Bonifant
Sharna A. and Joseph C. Borsellino
James A. and Leslie B. Bothwell
Paul J. and Coleen C. Brennan
Julia G. and Daniel S. Brody
Donald and Patricia Brouillette
Lynne H. Brum and Sinan Muftu
James W. and Kay Bryce
Paul Burega
Steven K. Burke and Mary Ellen Conroy
Concetta and Antonio M. Cabral
Claire and Daniel Caine
Regina Campbell
Ruiyu and Zheng Cao
Mariapaula Caramez
Bridgett P. Carr
Carol J. and Robert B. Cashion
Hongwoo Cheon and Kyoungran Kim
Jeff C. and Eva Y. Chien
Jennifer Childs-Roshak and Phillip G. Roshak
Gina Choi
Meifang Chu
Cheng-chi Chuang and Hsiui Lin
John B. and Dana B. Clancy
Robert A. Clark and Fifi Scoufopoulos
Sharmista Das
Lyle Davidson and Tina Blythe
Eric H. Davis and Judith Siporin
Donato Delcamino and Fu-Chia Yang
Drs. Veronica and Bruce Devon
Richard D. and Lori J. Flournoy
Mr. Joseph Foley and Mrs. Leslie Wu Foley
Marie-Lou Francoeur
David and Amanda Freeman
Jeffrey G. Freudberg and Suzanne Oesterreicher
Francis Y. C. and Maria G. Fung
Gianluca Gallori and Allison S. Bailey
Francois Gauthier and Marie-Jose Montpetit
Cheryl P. Giddings
Jeremy M. and Leah A. Goldberg
Edwin B. and Vivian Gordon
Marina Gorelik
Scott B. Griffiths and Carmen L. Dajer
Rebecca L. and Daniel J. Hafner
Craig and Karen Halvorson
James R. Hartman
Naoto and Yukino Hirano
Wendy S. and Richard L. Hoffman
Ritta J. Horsley
Kujtim and Nancy Hoxha
The Iser-Czechs
Deirdre James
Jen King and Chiao Shuen Jao
Shitanshu Jha
Chad T. Joiner
Sang-yong and Soon-Ja Joo
Young C. Jung and Kyung J. Kim
Mary Kantz
Michael J. and Jenifer Kaufman
Noriko and Tatsuo Kawai
Brian P. and Kathleen B. Kelly
Norva H. and Wayne M. Kennard
Nancy E. Kidd and Murray Franklin  
Joon Bae Kim and Min Jung Joo
Kiyoung Kim and Sang H. Lee
Anita Colasante and Albert C. Lew
Thomas J. and Carol A. King
Matthew Kline and Julia A. Solarte
Thomas C. and Judith R. Kohler
Peter Kuang and Ann Liu
Winnie and Albert Lamour
Mr. and Mrs. Jeng-Shin Lee
Stanley M. and Jill A. Lewis
Xiaojian and Katie Z. Li
Xiaojun Li and Hongyu Jiang
Haiyan Liu and Mindy X. Zhang
Gonzalo Lopez and Judy Cascales
Pamela W. Lynn and Jon Benson
Gregory J. and Elizabeth W. Maheras
Allegra D. and Drew D. Maletz
Maureen Meister and David Feigenbaum
Georges A. and Lucie L. Melhem
Olga V. Milevskaya
Paul R. Monfredo and Nancy L. McCormick
Penelope A. Moore
Norma Morgan
Peter Muz and Eden Steinberg
Ogden G. and Judith A. Nackoney
Thao Nguyen and Huong T. Do
Shangyao Nong and Lin Qin
Tanya Noonan
Michael Oh
George M. and Melissa Orlov
Lynn R. Osborn
Robert C. and Jacquelyn Pascucci
Ronald M. and Jeanine S. Pastore
Jill M. Pellarin
Ronald C. Perera
Cuong Thanh Pham and Phuong Bach Tran
Thuloan H. Phan
Dennis S. and Milja R. Poe
David E. Raderman and Rose A. Smiley
James C. and Janet G. Razulis
Roger H. Read and Lynn Peterson Read
Elizabeth and David M. Reichman
Jane M. Remy
Kerby and Gabrielle B. Roberson
Ana Rojo-O'Brien
Gary J. and Lisa R. Rucinski
Samuelsson Family
Bessie and Stephen R. Seiler
Marcel W. and Grace L. Seiler
Jane W. and Eliot H. Sherman
Alison Sinkler
Marvin Sparrow
Paul B. and Linda D. Spiwak
The Stilwell Family
Ching-Mi Li Sun and Fang-Kuo Sun
Lex Van der Ploeg and Gwo-Shu M. Lee
Eduardo and Laura H. Varas
Verizon Foundation
Elizabeth Waksman and Darren B. Orbach
Larrine E. Watson
Keith and Shelly Wharton
Joseph Wheeler and Laura Gallant
Judy Wolf
Rita and Bernard Wolfson
Randy Wong ’03
Han Xu and Xiaowen Wen
Anlu Yan and Meiyi Yin
Che-Liang Yang and Vivian Lu
Michael J. and Marilynn K. Yaremchuk
Sharon C. and Paul Yee
Holly C. Zaitchik
Jackie Zhang and Harry Zhu