This list reflects donations made between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

Frances Brockman Lanier Players ($5,000–$14,999)
Anonymous (2)
Atlantic Power and Light Company,
Bettina Baruch Foundation
The Adelaide Breed Bayrd
Enid Levine Beal
John and Molly Beard
Henry P. and Jeanne R. Becton
Ruth Nemzoff and Harris A. Berman,
Nancy F. and Murray Bern
Wally and Roz Bernheimer
Taylor S. and Willa C. Bodman
Joseph Bower and Elizabeth Potter
Paul and Catherine Braverman
J. Eric and Claire J. Brosius
Harold Brown
John Carey
Mark S. and Julia N. Casady
Fay M. Chandler
Russell Cleveland
John F. Cogan and Mary L. Cornille
Thomas F. and Evon C. Cooper
William G. and Sally Coughlin
Stephen and Charlotte Diamond for
  the Sara and Yasuo Kuniyoshi
Ralph Earle and Jane Mendillo
William R. and
  Deborah Bennett Elfers ’82
Charles C. Ely Trust
Peter C. Erichsen and David Palumb
Thomas A. and Maureen C. Erickson
Alan P. Ett and Sheila M. Hall
Timothy W. Fulham and
  Lise M. Olney
Thatcher L. Gearhart
Marvin E. Gilmore, Jr. ’51
Javicus J. Gomez
Ms. Margaret Luttrell Goodman
Granite City Electric
Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co.
Edwin D. Graves, Jr. ’87 and
  Paul M. Carter
Eric A. Gray
Morella and Oscar Z. de Grossmann
The Hamilton Company Charitable
Evelyn A. Haralampu
John M. and Elin S. Harris
Cile and Bill Hicks
Carl C. Howard ’36, ’93 hon. D.M.
Dr. John T. Hsu ’53, ’55, ’71 hon.
IBM Matching Gifts Program
Elizabeth and Woody Ives
Saj-nicole Joni, Ph.D.
William S. Kaiser
David and June Kim
Andrew J. Ley and Carol P. Searle
Liberty Mutual Foundation Business
  Leader Program
Marie P. and Parker B. Llewellyn
John M. and Elizabeth W. Loder
Jane E. Manopoli Patterson and
  Robert E. Patterson
Paul J. and Moying Li Marcus
The Mentor Network
Anne M. Morgan
Norma Morgan
Robert and Jane Morse
NER Construction Management, Inc.
NFP Thorbahn
Thomas W. Novak
One Step Forward Foundation
Morgan Palmer
Katharine M. and Anthony D. Pell
E. Lee and Slocumb H. Perry
Robert C. and Elizabeth K. Pozen
Mattina R. Proctor Foundation
Michael J. and Christine M. Puzo
David L. and Roslyn A. Raish
Susan Kent Reed and Kenneth M. Reed
Ronn Bronzetti and Sara Reineman
  in memory of Laurie Reineman
Reuning & Son Violins, Inc.
Ropes & Gray LLC
Sally L. Rubin and Arthur I. Applbaum
John and Catherine M. Rudicus/
  Sullivan and McLaughlin Companies
Paul W. and Mary Beth Sandman
The Michael and Helen Schaffer
  Foundation in memory of
  Melba R. Sandberg
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth I. Scheer
Dr. John A. Schemmer and
  Dr. Ann Bajart Schemmer
Mr. and Mrs. Norton Q. Sloan
Stephanie Sonnabend
The Seth Sprague Educational and
  Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Terry ’93 hon.
John L. Thorndike
Timothy L. and Alison H. Vaill
Jack and Anne Vernon
Cornelia Burchell Valldejuli and
  Raul Valldejuli
West Mechanical
Elizabeth P. Willis Leatherman and
  William L. Leatherman/
  Harvey S. Firestone, Jr. Foundation
Clara B. Winthrop Charitable Trust
Tony D. and Virginia A. Woodcock
Malcolm and Marie Wright
Estate of Artiss D. Zacharias