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NEC Voices: A New Choral Experience



Register for CE Non-Credit buttonMark Lee, conductor
Thu 6:30 - 9:30 pm
15 sessions (Fall and Spring)
1.5 Credit: $975 per semester
Non-credit:  $300
Begins 9/3

This Choral Ensemble uniquely serves the needs of both advanced and beginning singers, with opportunities for each to take their skills to the next level.  Our focus is on excellence in singing, vocal artistry, and on music's unique ability to reflect the human experience.
Full Ensemble:  Strengthened by a corps of experienced singers, the Full Ensemble introduces beginning and intermediate singers to key skills for choral success.  Through a combination of sectionals, quartet drills, musicianship exercises, and peer collaboration and feedback this large ensemble focuses on building and strengthening core vocal and musical skills, memory, independence, and strategies for blending within an ensemble.  The Full Ensemble meets from 7:30 to 8:30pm weekly, and performs once per semester.  Singers who do well in this group may audition to join the Senior Ensemble. 
Senior Ensemble:  The Senior Ensemble serves as the leadership team for the entire chorus, and presents a wealth of interesting performance and training experiences for singers with advanced choral skills.  In addition to various works for chamber choir, members are given opportunites to explore duets, trios, quartets and a wide range of repertoire.  Singers are given expert vocal coaching, peer feedback, and leadership opportunities within the Full Ensemble.  The Senior Ensemble serves as the “corps” for the Full Ensemble, and has its own rehearsal from 8:30 to 9:30pm, following the Full Ensemble rehearsal.  Members of the Senior Ensemble have multiple opportunities for performance each semester.

Auditions will held on a rolling basis. Auditions held on a rolling basis. Please contact Mark Lee to schedule a time. Singers will perform 2 short pieces, preferably in contrasting styles to demonstrate their range, musicianship and level of independence. They may also be asked to perform additional vocalises to assess specific vocal skills.


NEC Community Gospel Choir

To learn more, or to enroll for this course, please visit the Gospel Choir page.