November 15: String Teachers Workshop

The Dare to Aspire workshop exists to inspire, support, and equip string teachers in the "Music for Social Change" movement around New England who have dedicated their lives to serving under-served youth. Giving them access to world class teacher trainers and opportunities for collaborative problem solving with regional colleagues we... Sistema Fellows Program

"Music just the beginning"

The student musicians of Yakima Music en Accion, the after-school program aimed at local at-risk kids, made the program’s director cry earlier this year. They were at a potluck lunch hosted by one of the program’s teachers and the YAMA kids were asked to write one-word answers to complete the... Sistema Fellows Program

Developing Identity through Creativity

On the wall next to my desk in my office, our mission statement is printed in bold letters on a large poster, making it impossible to ignore every time I walk in, stand up, or swivel my chair. I put it there on purpose, as a constant reminder of our... Sistema Fellows Program

Sistema Tulsa in the press

"Not to toot her own horn, but Syncere Brown is a good flute player. That’s what she told Jose Luis Hernandez-Estrada [Sistema Fellow '12], director of Sistema Tulsa, when she ran up to him in the halls of Boston Avenue United Methodist Church, where this music education program is conducted.... Sistema Fellows Program

The Ensemble, October edition

The October edition of Tricia Tunstall and Eric Booth's publication chronicling the emerging field of El Sistema-inspired activity in the US and beyond is found here. Sistema Fellows Program