Reflection on Reframing El Sistema

The recent Reframing El Sistema conference in Baltimore featured a rich program of both scholars and practitioners discussing the potential directions in which El Sistema-inspired work is or might be heading. As someone who has been actively involved in a variety of El Sistema convenings over the past several years... Sistema Fellows Program

Knowing your community

The Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Awareness conference in Chicago left me with awe. True awe, the jaw-dropping, mind-blowing "wow," so bear with me as I struggle to articulate the experience into a blog entry. First off to hear words like "evaluation" and "holographic" in the same sentence was certainly a... Sistema Fellows Program

Music and Universal Design for Learning

After four years of teaching elementary music, I still felt unsatisfied by my lack of knowledge in music and special education, my two areas of interest and passion. During my Sistema fellowship year, I spent the vast majority of my time exploring and questioning “inclusion.” What does inclusion mean? What... Sistema Fellows Program

Reframing "Expertise"

The recent Reframing El Sistema Conference at the University of Maryland Baltimore County aimed to connect “the evolving practice and research of social impact through music.” The conversation on Friday, April 8th (the only day I was able to attend) at first lent itself to the field’s most enduring questions... Sistema Fellows Program

Modeling the Artist part of Teaching Artist

This spring I had the opportunity to arrange and perform John Tavener’s The Protecting Veil together with our resident performing ensemble at Community MusicWorks. I had wanted to play The Protecting Veil ever since I first heard a recording of the piece as a college student and was drawn in... Sistema Fellows Program