Fall (September) Enrollment

Each instrumental and vocal applicant must satisfy an audition requirement. This requirement is fulfilled by either a live audition or recorded video audition. Live auditions are scheduled after submission of a completed application, including application fee. For those majors with a prescreening recording requirement, live auditions are offered by invitation only after review of the prescreening recording. There are a limited number of audition times for each major.

Most of the majors at NEC require live auditions or interviews as part of the admissions process, following the submission of all required application materials and any prescreening requirements. Music theory and musicology are the only majors that do not require an audition or interview. All live auditions take place at NEC, which provides applicants with the opportunity to visit Boston and the NEC campus, as well as possibly sitting in on classes or rehearsals. Tours and information sessions are also available on most audition days.

Please visit Audition Requirements for more detailed audition and recording guidelines.

Spring (January) Enrollment

Students interested in January admission should call the Office of Admission to inqure about anticipated program openings before filing an application. All auditions for January enrollment are normally by recorded audition. However, applicants may be asked to present a live audition based on their major and/or proximity to Boston. To prepare your recording, please refer to the appropriate Audition Requirements for your Major. If spring enrollment is available, admission decisions will be made on a rolling basis beginning November 15. January enrollment is not available in the Artist Diploma, Doctor of Musical Arts, Professional Piano Trio Training or Professional String Quartet Training programs.

Financial aid/scholarship for the January term is limited. In order to be considered for financial aid, applicants must submit the NEC Application for Financial Aid no later than October 15. U.S. citizens and permanent residents are also required to submit results from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For additional information on financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at (617) 585-1110.