Applicants should submit all of the materials listed below. The Artist Diploma committee will not review incomplete application packets.


Current NEC students must follow all Artist Diploma application procedures, including the submission of the video prescreening recordings. 


Recommendations: Three (3) letters of recommendation are required. Please submit one artistic recommendation from your current or most recent private studio teacher and two additional artistic recommendations from other music teachers or ensemble directors/coaches.


Artist Diploma program proposal: Artist Diploma applicants should submit a Program Proposal instead of the general essay in the appropriate page of the online application. The program proposal should discuss how the A.D. program would assist the applicant in the development of his/her professional career. Topics may include the applicant’s reasons for choosing the A.D. program at New England Conservatory, repertoire to be explored as an A.D. candidate, and the applicant’s personal plans and professional goals. The program proposal will be reviewed by the committee with the prescreening recording and is an important part of the Artist Diploma application.


Prescreening recording: All Artist Diploma applicants must submit a video prescreening recording as outlined in the Artist Diploma audition requirements. The Artist Diploma committee will complete its review of recordings in mid-January. The Office of Admission will contact all applicants at that time with the results of the prescreening review. Generally, only a small handful of applicants are invited to the live auditions. 


Transcripts: While there is no prerequisite degree requirement for entry into the Artist Diploma, applicants should submit official transcripts from all college-level programs attended.


English Language Requirement: Applicants to the A.D. program who are not native speakers of English are required to submit a TOEFL score. (This requirement is new for the Fall 2013 application cycle.) However, A.D. applicants will not be required to meet the same minimum score requirements listed for entry to our other programs. Instead, we will use the score to get a general sense of the A.D. applicant's English proficiency. Please refer to our English Requirement page for more information.


Tuition and Financial Aid: Although the A.D. program is tuition-free, all A.D. applicants must complete NEC Application for Financial Aid contained within the online application for admission. U.S. citizens and permanent residents must also file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid, available at Please visit Tuition and Financial Aid for more information.


Proposed live audition repertoire: Those applicants who are invited to a live audition will be asked to submit a list of proposed repertoire. The list does not need to be submitted with the original application. Live audition repertoire may be different than the repertoire contained on the prescreening video recording. The committee will review the proposed repertoire for approval.


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