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NEC Prep Flute Faculty, Nina Barwell’s new book! “James Pappoutsakis, His Artistry and Inspired Teaching”

Fri, 2014-10-03 14:19

Please join us in congratulating NEC flute faculty, Nina Barwell, for her new book!

And now a note by Ms. Barwell…

“Nina Barwell, flute teacher in the Preparatory School and at the Walnut Hill School for the Arts, has just printed her book James Pappoutsakis, His Artistry and Inspired Teaching, Transcribed, Edited, and Annotated by Nina Barwell.

Before he died Mr. Pappoutsakis passionately desired to pass on what he had learned as a student of Georges Laurent, what he had learned from playing in the Boston Symphony for forty years, and the wisdom he acquired from a long and distinguished teaching career. To this end he created inspired cassette recordings which take the listener through the complete process of developing one’s flute playing. Containing practical advise on such aspects of flute playing as technique, singing tone production, practice methods, lesson and audition preparation, and more, these tapes represent facets of Pappoutsakis’ articulate, imaginative, and inspired teaching that Nina Barwell directly experienced as his student from the ages of 11-13 and later as a New England Conservatory student.

All musicians will find this book useful, since the topics discussed are universal. The exercises that Mr. Pappoutsakis has outlined, when practiced diligently, guide musicians to play with ease (injury-free), expression, virtuosity, to overcome technical problems, preparing them to meet all of the great demands found in music. To quote Ms. Barwell, “I have been inspired and deeply moved by the information on these tapes. It is a pleasure to pass along this information to future generations of performers.” provides more information on James Pappoutsakis, Nina Barwell, and purchase information.”