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A window into the adventures of the 50 alumni of the Sistema Fellows Program at the New England Conservatory TypePad
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The Ensemble, November edition

Tue, 2014-11-04 09:16
The November edition of Tricia Tunstall and Eric Booth's publication chronicling the emerging field of El Sistema-inspired activity in the US and beyond, and featuring an essay by Graciela Briceno, Sistema Fellow '11, is found here. Sistema Fellows Program

Sistema Fellows Program Final Report

Tue, 2014-11-04 09:13
Download the Sistema Fellows Program Final Report here (PDF) Sistema Fellows Program

Realizing Visions

Mon, 2014-10-27 13:38
The following reflection by Eric Booth, Senior Advisor to the Sistema Fellows Program, appears in the Program's final report, to be published in November 2014. Vision is both literal and metaphoric—both the capacity to perceive what is present and to see what is invisible or ready to appear. José Antonio... Sistema Fellows Program

Impact of the Sistema Fellows

Mon, 2014-10-27 12:39
Based on research conducted this past summer by Elaine Sandoval (Sistema Fellow '13), here is a snapshot of the activity and impact of the Sistema Fellows in the United States: -Fellows are transforming the lives of vulnerable children in 37 communities in 17 states, from Juneau, Alaska to Austin, Texas.... Sistema Fellows Program

Sistema Fellowship Resource Center

Mon, 2014-10-27 11:53
Through the Sistema Fellows Program, NEC has made a very significant contribution towards creating the next generation of arts leadership. Between October 2009 and May 2014, five classes of Fellows were challenged to re-imagine the potential of music education to transform the lives of children, especially at-risk children in this... Sistema Fellows Program

Marching off the map

Mon, 2014-10-27 10:23
In the West, we have an obsession with specialization, becoming an expert in one skill or field. This has resulted in the delineation of a myriad of genres and styles of art, and an ensuing hierarchy, so that ‘crossover’ between different genres of music is generally not encouraged. In the... Sistema Fellows Program

Orchestra can be anything

Mon, 2014-10-27 10:16
On Thursday, Harmony Project students walked into orchestra rehearsal with the chairs completely rearranged – instead of designated sections with rows and the usual seating assignments, they were in two giant semi circles, where everyone was playing side by side. This was inspired by: -An experience I had a couple... Sistema Fellows Program

MUS 1600

Mon, 2014-10-27 10:09
This semester, I have the privilege to teach a course on El Sistema at North Park University in Chicago as part of this exciting new Certificate Program. Our diverse class includes students from El Sistema programs in Brazil, Ecuador and Costa Rica. In this introductory class, we are examining El... Sistema Fellows Program


Mon, 2014-10-27 10:02
Steven Liu, Adrienne Taylor, Andrea Profili (2011 Sistema Fellows) For young musicians to have storytelling as part of their portfolio of skills will give them an edge in our incredibly competitive world. I suppose you could call it "presentation skills," or "good communication," but I like to stay with "storytelling"... Sistema Fellows Program

The Ensemble, October edition

Thu, 2014-10-09 22:34
The October edition of Tricia Tunstall and Eric Booth's publication chronicling the emerging field of El Sistema-inspired activity in the US and beyond, and featuring an essay by Julie Davis, Sistema Fellow '12, is found here. Sistema Fellows Program

Where are they now?

Thu, 2014-10-09 22:23
An interactive map showing the current locations of the 50 Sistema Fellows, as of October 2014. Sistema Fellows Program

Teaching social change through song

Thu, 2014-10-09 14:42
While growing up in Baltimore, current Fishtown resident Alysia Lee was a bit of a problem child with a lot of attitude. "As a kid, I was really smart mouthed and prone to violence. I’d throw desks and chairs in school," Lee said. "I just had a lot of issues... Sistema Fellows Program

El Sistema@University Circle in the news

Thu, 2014-10-09 14:35
The Music Settlement, which offers music therapy, early childhood education and music instruction to people of all ages, announced it has absorbed the assets of El Sistema@University Circle and is offering scholarships to former El Sistema students. Isabel Trautwein (Sistema Fellow '11) in action. Terms of the arrangement were not... Sistema Fellows Program

The Ensemble, September edition

Thu, 2014-09-11 13:16
The September edition of Tricia Tunstall and Eric Booth's publication chronicling the emerging field of El Sistema-inspired activity in the US and beyond, and featuring an essay by Lorrie Heagy, Sistema Fellow '10, is found here. Sistema Fellows Program

Experiencing El Sistema

Thu, 2014-09-11 13:11
The fifth class of Sistema Fellows was incredibly privileged to experience El Sistema in Venezuela for four weeks in November and December 2013. The five classes of the Fellowship were granted unprecedented access to observe and engage with different aspects of programming as well as meetings with key members of... Sistema Fellows Program

Atlanta Music Project featured on ESPN

Thu, 2014-09-11 12:42
Photo: Anthony Alston. Go here for a gallery of behind-the-scenes images of the Atlanta Music Project video shoot, including Dantes Rameau '10 and Aisha Bowden '12. Sistema Fellows Program

El Sistema Lehigh Valley

Fri, 2014-08-29 13:48
Promotional video shared by El Sistema Lehigh Valley's Program Director Steven Liu, Sistema Fellow '11. Sistema Fellows Program

Why wait for the dust to settle?

Fri, 2014-08-29 13:46
Being from Minnesota, also known as “the land of 10,000 choirs” – and taking to heart Dr. Abreu’s advice to “do what I know best” – I knew I had to start a Sistema-inspired choral program in my home state after graduation. After two months of extensive community mapping, I... Sistema Fellows Program

Reflections on El Sistema at ISME

Sun, 2014-08-17 21:32
It’s been over two weeks now since I returned from attending the International Society for Music Education (ISME) Conference in Porto Alegre, Brazil (July 20-25), but it’s taken that long, and the juxtaposition of ongoing work and presenting at another conference, to fully process a wonderful experience in the ISME... Sistema Fellows Program

Merida's orchestra system

Sun, 2014-08-10 20:40
I was interested in the progression of the students through the different levels of the orchestra. My own experience has involved a more rigid system - we think more of progress on the scale of the individual e.g. this musician has reached a certain technical level and is ready to... Sistema Fellows Program