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Commencement Into This New World

Tue, 2015-05-19 17:34
Within this Darwinian analysis of higher education, what is the state of play in the performing arts and where exactly is their place in our contemporary world? Tony Woodcock

The Death of Liberal Arts? Or the Reunion of Broken Parts

Fri, 2015-04-24 15:05
Zakaria is a compelling spokesman for the Liberal Arts. He shows unequivocally their importance in the cultural, economic and developmental world and how our world becomes threatened by the narrow focus of Manichean politics. Tony Woodcock

Ran Blake and Film Noir

Thu, 2015-04-09 11:53
An extraordinary improvising musician who styles himself a "noir pianist," Ran celebrates his 80th birthday on August 20 this year. He can look back, and indeed forward, at a life spent entirely in music as a performer and as an educator. Tony Woodcock

Benjamin Franklin and the Reflective Conservatoire

Wed, 2015-03-25 08:27
I recently heard a mordantly humorous new take on Benjamin Franklin's most famous quote: "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes and the immutability of conservatoires." Tony Woodcock

Why Does London Need a New Concert Hall?

Wed, 2015-02-18 17:33
The press and media are all over this one and obviously excited at the prospect of luring back Rattle to his homeland. They also argue for something that London really needs. And this feeding frenzy, I fear, could obscure some rational and strategic thinking that needs to be put in place before anyone signs up for a project. Tony Woodcock

St. Valentine and the Meaning of Life

Thu, 2015-02-12 14:02
The King was unhappy. Although he knew that he possessed all that a man could possibly wish for, including 70 concubines whose names he could never remember, and had more gold in his treasury than was thought possible, still he was unhappy. Tony Woodcock

Brains and Bottoms

Fri, 2015-02-06 13:49
Paris has a new, state-of-the-art concert hall, something the French have been waiting for since they dispatched Louis XVI in 1793, thus making possible government- funded arts venues for the people. Tony Woodcock