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Updates and photographs about NEC’s Student Life and Performance Center project.
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The Annex Makes Way for the SLPC

Thu, 2015-05-21 10:47

Dear NEC faculty, staff, and students,

Demolition of the Annex in the St. Botolph parking lot has begun. Most immediately, the “bridge” between this structure and the 241 St. Botolph building, will come down this week. Then the structure itself will be taken down next week.

NEC has put into place safety measures to protect the NEC family and work crew. As of today, then:

  • the parking lot is off limits and is now a construction zone.
  • Anyone entering the construction zone is required to notify Tishman Construction field staff and must wear a hard hat, safety glasses and high visibility vest.
  • The basement doorway entering 241 from the parking lot is closed to all but field construction staff.
  • Anyone entering 241 must use the main doorway.
  • Any NEC staff, administrators or others wishing to tour the construction site should contact Mike Ryan or Karen Kidd to arrange.  

Thank you and be safe.

As always, if you have questions, contact Mike Ryan ( 617-585-1187), Karen Kidd (  617-585-1181) or, until May 29, Ellen Pfeifer ( 617-585-1143).

P.S. Those irreverent Building Ops folks staged their own ground breaking…umm…glass breaking event as a coda to NEC’s official celebration. See photos below.

And So It Begins: Groundbreaking on SLPC

Tue, 2015-05-05 10:23

NEC Marks Official Start of Construction with Celebratory Ground-breaking Ceremony

Transformative Student Life and Performance Center to Open 2017

Conservatory Board Members, Donors, Officials, Students, Faculty, and Staff Gather for Musical Ceremony at St. Botolph Street Construction Site

Celebrating the start of construction on its Student Life and Performance Center (SLPC), New England Conservatory hosted a joyful groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday on the construction site at 241 St. Botolph Street in Boston. Board members, donors, faculty, staff, students, government and arts leaders, gathered on the current parking lot to lift symbolic shovelfuls of sand. There were speeches that paid tribute to the many people who had supported the project from its inception. And NEC brass and jazz students performed appropriately festive musical selections.

The first new construction at NEC since 1959, the $85 million SLPC is scheduled to open in 2017, to coincide with the Conservatory’s 150th anniversary. It will house a new residence hall with 250 beds, a two-level library for audio and print resources, a new dining commons, a black box opera studio, large orchestra rehearsal space with acoustics mimicking Jordan Hall, and a small ensemble room with recording studio suited to jazz and contemporary improvisation.

Designed by Ann Beha Architects with Gensler as Associate Architect, the project will be built by Tishman Construction, an AECOM Company. Beha’s firm, which is headquartered in Boston, also steered the restoration of NEC’s historic Jordan Hall in 1994–1995, receiving numerous awards for historic preservation and illumination. Tishman previously executed the $21 million exterior renovations of the Conservatory’s four buildings in 2009–2010, winning numerous awards for historic preservation and green initiatives.

Funding the project through a combination of private philanthropy and financing, the Conservatory has raised more than $60 million in donations to date. Trustee Board Chair, Kennett F. Burnes, who presided over the groundbreaking, credited the “extraordinary” support of Board members, alumni, and others who are helping the Conservatory meet its fundraising goal.

“The Student Life and Performance Center will transform the life of NEC students, faculty, staff, and the community,” Burnes said. “It will reflect and augment the Conservatory’s eminence in Boston and in the world of music education and performance.”

Along with its state of the art venues and facilities, the SLPC will also fill a more mundane gap—that is, spaces where students can just hang out. “When I was a student back in the 1980’s, if we needed to find someone, we either left a note taped to Beethoven (the statue in the Jordan Hall building) or hung out on the steps of Jordan Hall, hoping, by chance, our paths would cross,” recalled Trustee Deborah Elfers ’82 in her remarks. “I can’t imagine what it will be like for students and faculty to have gathering spaces—for the first time!—and how that will enable the spontaneous collaboration between different musical specialties, so necessary for a musician’s evolution…It’s just this collaborative environment that makes NEC stand out from the rest—it’s what we have become known for.”

For further information on the SLPC, check the NEC Website here

In photo L to R: Overseer Hope Baker, architect Ann Beha, Trustees Thomas Blumenthal, Wendy Shattuck, Michael Thonis, Deborah Elfers; Board Chair Kennett F. Burnes; Overseer Helen Powell; President Tony Woodcock; Life Trustee Steven Friedlaender. Photo by Pierce Harmon

St. Botolph Entrance, Bike Racks, Parking Lot Closure, Offices Moving

Thu, 2015-04-30 09:44

May 1 Update

Dear NEC Faculty, Staff, and Students,


You’ll be pleased to learn that construction of the handicapped ramp is wrapping up and the Main Entrance of 241 St. Botolph Street will re-open on Friday, May 1. That means you will not need to access the building from the basement door.  Indeed, the basement door will also be closing permanently on May 1.


GROUNDBREAKING CEREMONY: May 5 at 3:30 pm in the white tent on St. Botolph St. Parking Lot. Don’t miss this celebration. Cookies and cake refreshments to be served.

PARKING LOT CLOSURE: The St. Botolph parking lot will close permanently as of Monday, May 4. This means that College and Prep faculty may use the lot through Saturday, May 2.

BICYCLE PARKING: On May 19, 2015, the bicycle parking area located in the Residence Hall Courtyard will be closed until August 21, 2015 due to work associated with construction of the Student Life and Performance Center. Please use racks to the left of the Jordan Hall entrance, and beginning May 19 near the St. Botolph Building main entrance.


OFFICE MOVES:  With the coming demolition of SB 113 (the annex), the closing of the parking lot, and other SLPC-related construction work, the following offices will be moving:

Entrepreneurial Musicianship:
As of May 18 to SB 320
As of Aug. 7 to SB 227

Student Services:
As of May 18, Shi Teeters, Hegland, Vaughn to SB 309
T. Handel to SB 380
B. Winkley, A Wolniak to SB 311
As of Aug. 10, all personnel to SB 225

As of May 18, DiGiorgio to Admissions until 6/5
Schaphorst, Macadam-Somer, Netsky to TBA
As of Aug. 15, all personnel, 295 Huntington, Room 205

Health Services:
Closed for the summer
As of Aug. 17, 295 Huntington, Room 309

As always, if you have questions, contact Mike Ryan ( 617-585-1187), Karen Kidd
(617-585-1181) or Ellen Pfeifer  (617-585-1143).

Bike Parking Area at Residence Hall to Close Temporarily

Thu, 2015-04-23 12:03

Dear NEC Faculty, Staff, and Students,

On May 19, 2015, the bicycle parking area located in the Residence Hall Courtyard will be closed until August 21, 2015 due to work associated with construction of the Student Life and Performance Center.

All bikes must be removed by May 19, 2015.

Unfortunately, if any bikes are not removed, Building Operations will dispose of them.

For those who need to park bikes, an additional rack has been installed to the left of the Jordan Hall entrance. There will also be access to the bike racks located near the St. Botolph Building entrance when construction of the handicapped ramp is completed in the next few weeks.

As a reminder, the City of Boston does not allow any bikes to be locked to wrought iron fencing located along Huntington Ave. and Gainsborough St. (To comply with that regulation, NEC is forced to remove such bikes and fine the owners $25.)

As always, if you have questions, contact Mike Ryan ( 617-585-1187), Karen Kidd ( 617-585-1181) or Ellen Pfeifer ( 617-585-1143).

Construction of 241 St. Botolph Ramp Begins this Week

Mon, 2015-04-13 11:50

April 13, 2015

Dear NEC Faculty, Staff, and Students,

Just a reminder and a few new details:

As you recall, work begins this Friday, April 17th, on construction of a new handicapped ramp at the entrance to the 241 St. Botolph Building.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The main entrance to 241 will be shut down as of midnight, Thursday, 4/16.
  • The temporary entrance will be through the parking lot door.  The door will be unlocked and un-alarmed from 7am to 11pm.
  • A security guard will be stationed inside the door and there will be card readers available…all students, faculty and staff will be required to swipe I.D.s at the inside location.
  • A temporary walkway will marked through the lot.  Pedestrians, please use the designated walkway for your safety.
  • Parkers in the 241 parking lot: please use caution in driving through the lot, and in particular pulling into and backing out of parking spaces.

As always, if you have questions, contact Mike Ryan (617-585-1187), Karen Kidd   (617-585-1181) or Ellen Pfeifer (617-585-1143).

Entrance Closure, Parking, Summer Work

Wed, 2015-04-01 14:51

Dear NEC Family,

As we move closer to the May start date for construction of the Student Life and Performance Center, you may want to attend the April 9 Open Forum session at 2:30 PM in the St. Botolph Conference Room.  Ed lesser, Mike Ryan, and a representative from Tishman Construction will be on hand to answer your questions.

REMINDER: the main entrance to the St. Botolph Building will be closing April 17 (or possibly a few days before that) in order to construct a handicapped-accessible entry way.
•    During construction, you can access the building from the ground level doorway in the parking lot.
•    PREP students and their families will need to use this parking lot entrance beginning Saturday, April 18.

NEW DATE FOR PARKING LOT CLOSURE: the St. Botolph parking lot, previously scheduled to close on May 1, will now be open until Monday, May 4. This means that College and Prep faculty may use the lot on May 1 and 2.

SUMMER WORK:  Construction crews will complete accessibility upgrades in the St. Botolph Building. These include one handicapped-accessible restroom on each floor. The work will not be as disruptive as last year’s sprinkler project.

LONG RANGE CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULE: Here is the big picture for the building project timetable.

May 4, 2015: Construction Start Date
May 2015—June 2015: Demolition & Site Prep
June 2015—January 2016: Foundations
January 2016—June 2016: Decks
May 2016—August 2016: Structure Steel & Concrete Exterior Façade
May 2016—September 2016: Interior Rough
September 2016—January 2017: Interior Finishes
August 2016—December 2016: Site Improvements
January 2017—March 2017: Start‐Up & Commissioning
Spring 2017: Construction Substantial Completion
Spring/Summer 2017: Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Installation by NEC
Summer 2017: Ready for Occupancy

As always, if you have questions, contact Mike Ryan (617-585-1187), Karen Kidd
(617-585-1181) or Ellen Pfeifer ( 617-585-1143).

Construction Starting Soon–What You Need to Know

Tue, 2015-03-17 16:12

As recently announced, NEC will soon begin the construction of our new Student Life and Performance Center! With this note, we are launching a steady stream of internal communications designed to keep you well informed regarding the project. We recognize that aspects of this exciting new campus development will be disruptive; the NEC communications team will do its utmost to deliver timely updates to you across multiple communications channels. Here’s the first round of changes that will affect your on-campus experience:

  • First, the smaller parking lot behind the Jordan Hall building will close April 1, in order to accommodate the removal of the dumpster and other equipment from the St. Botolph parking lot.
  • As you may know, the current handicap-accessible entrance for the St. Botolph building is the parking lot entrance. However, since this entrance will soon close, we are required to build another. Consequently, the main entrance to 241 St. Botolph will be closing April 17 for approximately two-three weeks, in order to build that handicapped access ramp.
  • During these weeks, access to the St. Botolph building will only be through the side parking lot entrance, closest to Rooms G13 and G14.
  • Once the ramp is fully installed, the main entrance will reopen, and the parking lot entrance will close permanently. This is expected to happen in early May.
  • The Botolph parking lot will close permanently on May 1 in order to accommodate the removal of the Annex building.
  • At the same time, the Botolph Street sidewalk, and part of the traffic lane closest to our building will close for the duration of construction, beginning May 1. St. Botolph will continue to be a two way street. Street signage will help direct that pedestrian traffic.
  • Foot traffic will be rerouted to the Matthews Arena side of St. Botolph for the duration of the project.
  • The classrooms 313, 314 and 315; the Opera rooms G13 and G14; the Jazz and CI office; the Health Center; Student Services and the EM offices will be temporarily relocated the first half of May for the duration of the summer. These new locations will be announced in a subsequent e mail.

Here’s how we plan to keep you informed:

  • Open Forum Discussion Sessions will be held March 23rd, 10 – 11:30 am in the St. Botolph conference room, and April 9th, 2-3:30 pm in the St. Botolph conference room. These will be opportunities to bring all your questions to Ed Lesser, Mike Ryan and the Tishman construction team.
  • Effective April 1, our construction blog will appear on the NEC website and will be regularly updated. This will be your information hub for all relevant information; we encourage you to use this as the source of updates. The blog, too, will be a place to register any concerns or questions you may have.
  • This e-mail is the first of a series that will be generated by the communications team, outlining the key events/needs-to-know between now and June 1. Subsequent e-mails will be much shorter! Throughout this period, you can expect to see early warning and/or reminders a week prior so there are minimal surprises.
  • Electronic Signage just to the right of the Jordan Hall main entrance will also keep you updated. Screens will also be installed in the St. Botolph and Residence Hall lobbies over the summer.
  • Our NEC Facebook , @necmusic and @necmusic_today Twitter channels will have all of the latest updates.
  • Articles will appear in the Penguin on a regular basis, and we will partner with Student Services to ensure you are informed and stay safe.
  • For our PREP parents and SCE students, updates will be included in their weekly e-newsletter and other outbound communications.
  • Through all relevant website listings, we will continue to inform concert attenders how this will impact their access to Jordan and Pierce Hall programming.

We’re committed to making this transition as comfortable as possible for all of us, and the disruption as minimal as possible. We’re keenly aware of the big changes ahead, and are very grateful for your patience as we embark on this exciting campus evolution! If you have questions or concerns, contact us at .

Warm regards,
NEC Marketing and Communications Team