NEC’s Board of Overseers includes musical, educational, financial and community leaders from inside and outside New England. Overseers are asked to inform themselves about the Conservatory and to bring to it their perceptions, experience, advice and assistance. Trustees and Overseers serve jointly on standing and advisory committees devoted to broad areas of institutional support as well as to specific projects.

NEC Board of Overseers FY2015
Susan K. Reed, Chair
Kennett F. Burnes, Chair, Board of Trustees
Tony Woodcock, President
Elected Overseers
Hope Lincoln Baker
Enid L. Beal
John E. Beard
Henry Becton
Dani Bedoni
Nancy Bern
Walter S. Bernheimer II
William David Brohn '58 M.M.
J. Eric Brosius
Michael Cirami
W. Read Coughlin
Thomas A. Erickson
Marvin E. Gilmore, Jr. ’51
Barbara W. Glauber
Edwin D. Graves, Jr. ’87 M.M.
Kurt Gutenbrunner
Evelyn A. Haralampu
Bruce M. Hauben
Setsuko Hori
Horace H. Irvine II
Elizabeth Ives
Sibilla Glöggler Korb
Edward N. Krapels
Marie P. Llewellyn
William W. Martin
Paul M. Montrone
Lisa M. Mooney
Hilda Ochoa-Brillembourg
Jane Manopoli Patterson
William Pounds
Helen Powell
David L. Raish
Susan K. Reed
Allan G. Rodgers
Benjamin Roe
Linda Ross
Sally L. Rubin
John Rudicus
Margarita Rudyak
Paul W. Sandman
Tony Schemmer
Aviva Selling
Deborah L. Smith
Frances Bolton Wilmerding
Malcolm Wright 
Life Overseers
Carolyn A. Lynch
Virginia Lilly Nicholas
Ellis L. Phillips III ’75
Donna Maria Regis ’79
Kathleen I. Schuller-Bleakie 
John B. Stanbury